VARYL (Acting video)

Profile Band: VARYL (ヴァリル) Started activity: January 2014 Members Vocal: hiro (緋絽) Guitar: juri (樹璃) Bass: yume (夢) Drums: shikito (織人) Web […]

Codomo Dragon – Kana and meN-meN

Guitarist Kana and bassist meN-meN makes adventures together. Info Band: Codomo Dragon (コドモドラゴン) Formed: 2010 Members: Vocals: hayato (ハヤト) Guitar: kana (華那) Guitar: […]

“ivy” by Faze (Full PV)

Faze’s second single “ivy” (アイビー) was released on February 4th. See more details here! Profile Band: Faze Formed: 2014 Members: Vocal: Akito […]


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