Idol Pictures for Sale

I’m selling (or is open for trading) idol pictures of Uruha and Miku (a bit bigger than usual idol photos and attached to hardboard). I once bought them in idol shops in Harajuku, Japan.

For more information, se my Selling/trading page.

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Do you have a Kousuke cheki?

Kousuke, bassist in Amaranyx

Kousuke, bassist in Amaranyx

When I was in Cologne and saw Amaranyx perform, I bought som chekis. As you might know, usually the motives are hidden and you have to make draws, not really knowing which member it is on the cheki.

I managed to draw chekis on Syouta, Masahito and Kazuharu.

Some days later, a visitor wrote to me and asked if I wanted to trade a Kazuharu cheki for a Naoto cheki. Yes, I wanted to do that. So we traded. ^^

That means that I’m only lacking of a Kouske cheki now. :-(

Therefor I wonder:

Do you have a Kousuke cheki that you would like to trade for any of the chekis below?

In that case: please contact me. :-)

I didn’t have a scanner, so the chekis is photograped…

Amaranyx Chekis

Chekis: Masahito, Syouta or Kazuharu