BIOSPHIA will disband

Another band will disband. :-( This time it’s BIOSPHIA. They haven’t said what the reason is behind this, but it seems like […]

SODOM by Codomo Dragon (Full PV)

Info Band: Codomo Dragon (コドモドラゴン) Formed: 2010 Members: Vocals: hayato (ハヤト) Guitar: kana (華那) Guitar: yume (ゆめ) Bass: meN-meN Drums: chamu (チャム) Web: […]

DADAROMA (one-man comment, JP)

Info Band: DADAROMA Formed: 2014 Members Vocals: yoshiatsu (よしあつ) Guitar: takashi (太嘉志) Bass: tomo (朋) Drums: yusuke (裕介) Web DADAROMA Official Webpage […]


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