“Jounetsu Tairiku / Kiryuin Shu-hen” with Golden Bomber vocalist Kiryuin Shou (DVD spot)

This DVD was released June 20th!

"Jounetsu Tairiku / Kiryuin Shu-hen" with Golden Bomber vocalist Kiryuin Shou (DVD spot)


Band: Golden Bomber
Formed: 2004


Vocal: Kiryuuin Shou (鬼龍院 翔) (Golden Bomber) Guitar: Kyan Yutaka (喜矢武 豊) (Golden Bomber) Bass: Utahiroba Jun (歌広場 淳) (Golden Bomber) Drums: Darubisshu Kenji (樽美酒 研二) (Golden Bomber)
Kiryuuin Shou
(鬼龍院 翔)
Kyan Yutaka
(喜矢武 豊)
Utahiroba Jun
(歌広場 淳)
Darubisshu Kenji
(樽美酒 研二)

Golden Bomber Official Webpage

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Golden Bomber

Blog Twitter Bloodtype Birthday
Shou Shou Shou: B Shou: June 20th
Yutaka Yutaka Yutaka: B Yutaka: March 15th
Jun Jun Jun: O Jun: Aug 30th
Kenji Kenji: A Kenji: Nov 28th

vision in the darkness with Calmando Qual Calmando Qual (DVD spot)

vision in the darkness will be released August 27th!


Band: Calmando Qual
Formed: 2001


Vocal: Hibiki (ヒビキ) (Calmando Qual) Guitar: Tak (タク) (Calmando Qual) Bass: K-个 (ケンカ) (Calmando Qual) Drums: MAYA (マヤ) (Calmando Qual)
Hibiki (マヤ)
Tak (マヤ)
Kenka (マヤ)
MAYA (マヤ)

Calmando Qual Official Webpage
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Calmando Qual

Blog Twitter Facebook Bloodtype Birthday
Hibiki Hibiki: A Hibiki: March 7th
Tak Tak: ? Tak: Dec 22nd
Kenka Kenka Kenka: O Kenka: Dec 21st

Anli Pollicino – one of my very favorites! <3

I had the luck to once see Anli Pollicino once in Norway and oh, do I want to see them again? YES! (Please, please, come back to Europe!)

Anli Pollicino

This video was recently uploaded on Youtube and according to it’s title, the performance was recorded May 11th this year and is available on DVD! Shindy has short hair again! ^^

And it’s one of my absolute favorite songs: L’etoile filante

But… doesn’t Shindy’s voice sound a little bit darker than usual…?

It’s wonderful to see them in action on stage, but the studio version of this song sounds better, so if you think this song has potential according to your taste of music, make sure to listen to the album TRANCEFORMER.

Anli Pollicino’s Official Website

Visual Kei Makeup and hair lessons

Have any of you seen this DVD?

Visual Kei Makeup lesso

Visual Kei Makeup lesso

It was released 2009 and includes 6 different tutorials for 6 different visual kei styles.

Lesson 1 – Kote-kei
Lesson 2 – Osare-kei Type A
Lesson 3 – osare-kei Type B
Lesson 4 – Koteosa-kei
Lesson 5.1 – Dark-kei
Lesson 5.2 – Himitsu-kei
Lesson 6 – Gothic

I’m curious. ^^

It’s for sale at Amazon: ヴィジュアル・メイクアップ・レッスン [DVD]

I really would like to learn a couple of techniques…. I’m louse at putting makeup on. ^^

If you have seen it – please share your thoughts! :-)

ScReW’s new PV, FULL album and DVD!

SCREW has released the full version of the video for Red Thread! Enjoy!

They have also announced that they will release their very first FULL album at July 10th, followed by a DVD July 24th. The album will be self-titled and distributed in three different types:

First Press Limited Edition Type A – CD + DVD (3,990 yen)
First Press Limited Edition Type B – CD + DVD (3,990 yen)
Regular Edition – CD Only (3,150 yen)

The DVD will contain phootage from their 7th anniversary live “NEVERENDING BREATH AT SHIBUYA AX” and distributed in two types:

Limited Edition – 8,400 yen
Regular Edition – 4,200 yen

Satsuki fans – UNITE! – Fan projects -

 Are you – just like me – a silly Satsuki fan? ^^

There are several Satsuki fan projects going on at the moment so grab the chance and join!

Source: Satsuki FR – Big projects for all of Satsuki’s European tour



European flag with logo

This time, it will be a big European flag that is 180 x 100cm, with Satsuki’s logo, the name of the tour, and the three countries. So on each of dates, everyone can sign with a short message for Satsuki and his support members.

European fanbook

See this page

Recently, we bought a beautiful book wherein each of you can write something, or attach a drawing, letter and/or a picture. If you want to bring an already finished letter/drawing, take care to not exceed a height of 22cm and a width of 18cm!
Of course, we will bring with us some pens (gray, gold and golden brown colors), sticky tape and glue.
Also, you can send us your drawing/picture/letter by mail before June 17th. SatsukiFR@gmail.com



For each of the three dates, we will have a camera to take some pictures and/or videos of you (if you want), to add to a future video fanproject (and then, maybe create a new DVD for Satsuki).

See this page

Satsuki DVD

Satsuki DVD

Garbages’ collection by Satsuki

From Satsuki 砂月

“From January of 2012, I have gone on a Europe Tour traveling through 6 different countries. During this time, I have step foot into many countries and cities that I have been admiring since my younger years but I was shocked to see that the town and scenery that I have dreamed of were polluted with garbage.  Through this experience, I have been active as a GOMI Fantasista (http://www.gomi-f.com/ …).  
So with this tour of Scene of LUMINOUS, I am planning a trash collection on the way from your town or station to the live house where I will be performing.  It can just be one piece so, would you kindly collect a piece of GOMI (trash, garbage)?  If you participate in this activity, we will collect it at the entrance of the live house and exchange it with one small gift per person.
I hope we can make the the country and cities that I attend a little bit more beautiful by doing this.
I appreciate your cooperation.”

See these pages:

Satsuki “Scene of LUMINOUS” @ Poznan – Blue Note 23/6/13
06.21 Paris – France @ La Boule Noire
06.22 Munich – Germany @ GARAGE deluxe
06.23 Poznan – Poland @ Blue Note

Garbages' collection by Satsuki

Garbages’ collection by Satsuki