Messy love

Morning-routines is important!

- Ohaio Gozaimasu Boobie-Rocky! (1)
– Good morning Stormy! (2)
– Ohaio Shizuoka Kitty! (3)
– God morgon Fluff-Löken! (4)
– Ohaio Shindy-sama! (5)
– Bonjour HITT! (6)
– Ohaio, kekkon shite kudasai Ruki! (7)
– Guten morgen Bill! Still alive? (8)

*phew* And now I can focus totally on coding!

*phew* And now I can focus totally on coding!


Miyavi dream

Tonight I had a dream: Miyavi came to Sweden to perform and auction stuff from stage. All money were going to charity; to the victims of the tsunami and earthquake disaster. It was only me and another person in the audience, so it was quite a painful event. (Not a lot of money so to say, but I became good friend with Miyavi ^^).


I just woke up and saw that j-glams blog have been updated with the news:

“MIYAVI will be participating in the charity project “SEND愛” to help with the recovery of the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Disaster.”

…..!? ^^

Only REGRET what you have not done

When I went home from Stockholm this Monday, I actually felt quite happy and I realized that it was adventures like this that makes life worth living.

Seize the day, do something fun, big or small.

For me, meeting Girugämesh and a new friend meant a great deal and enlivened my everyday life that sometimes feels too ordinary. At least right now.

From now on, I’m gonna grip any chances of new experiences that might benefit my well-being. The upcoming adventures of this weekend and next week might be a good follow up.

As a teenager, I used to go to a lot of concerts, almost every weekend. I’ve been to more concerts than I can remember actually. Then, by some reason, it happened more rarely. But I should really resume that enjoyment, ’cause music is such a great part of my life.

For some days ago, me and some friends discussed the dilemma to be blind but able to hear, or to be deaf but able to see – if we had to chose. It’s a really hard choice, indeed, but during a walk the other day I realized that I would give my eyes to keep my hearing. I get way much more emotionally affected by things I hear, than things I see. Hm.. yes. What would you chose?

I wish more jrock/visual kei bands could visit Sweden. :) If I had to chose, I would pick 12012 and the GazettE, even though I probably would faint by the mere thought of them entering Swedish ground. ;p 12012 have changed a lot the last years and I prefer their original sound. The GazettE the other way, haven’t made me disappointed so far.

Today, I ran on the mountain to “Regret” by the GazettE, among else. That’s one of my favorite songs. If you haven’t heard it, I beg you to watch this video below. And even if you wouldn’t like the song, you must admit that it’s a beautiful video.

We stood together on the road
I got a piercing just like you
I wore a ring just like you
And put on rouge just like you
I colored my hair same as yours
I saw tears that look like yours
because I cried out a name
the same as yours