ADAMS shows in Finland and Sweden

Nyanko Scandal Factory booked the sexy duo ADAMS to Finland and Sweden and hence I got the opportunity to work with them during 11th and 12th April as staff.

First I headed to Helsinki to pick up the band at the airport and things went quite smoothly to my relief. We headed to the venue where I finally got to meet my Finnish friends Merja and Reina, which were staff as well.

A lot of people showed up at Gloria and it was such a delight to see.

ADAMS spellbound the fans with passionate music and sexy performing. The audience got wild, screaming, sheering and clapping hands. It truly was an amazing show. ADAMS played mostly old songs from NEO SEXUAL but also some new ones from their recently released album SIXNINE.


For those of you who haven’t bought the album yet, I can reveal that it contains some pretty crazy/sexy photos of the guys… totally naked. ^_-



Next day it was time to go to Stockholm, Sweden, where ADAMS performed at the Lakeside venue. The audience was a bit smaller, but ADAMS still gave the most amazing show like if it would have been an arena with thousands of fans. I remember that I was smiling widely all the time at my spot behind the merchandize table. They are truly a delight to watch live. And I actually think that their performance was even more daring and sexy here than in Finland. Fans were blushing and partly covering their faces with their hands, like they were afraid to watch. Very cute.


The next day it was time for the band to continue to another city in Europe, but we got some time for sightseeing here in Stockholm, which I hope they enjoyed.

THANKS GUYS FOR AMAZING SHOWS! And please come back. :-)

But hey, ADAMS’s Euro tour is not over yet! Take your chance to see them live!

April 19th: Moscow (RU), Zhivoe TV
April 21st: Montreux (CH), Polymanga
April 24th Amstelveen (NL)
April 25th: Merida, Spain – Extremanga
April 27th: Toulon (FR) – Mang’Azur

More info at RAMEN EVENTS!





Formed: 2011


Vocal: Adam (ADAMS)

Guitar & Vocal: Shota Yokoyama (ADAMS)

Vocal: Adam Guitar: Shota Yokoyama

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Meeting ray in Shibuya

This tuesday it was time for me and Jessica to meet Ray (one of our focus artists) and his support guitarist. But first we enjoyed some extremely delicious salmon sashimi in Aoyama. Mmmm, I love it so much!


And some udon noodles!


And some spring rolls!


Then we headed to Shibuya. Lot’s of people as always.


We went by a pet shop with adorable dogs and cats…

In Shibuya we met Ray and together we went to a restaurant at which you could drink as much as you wanted for six hours. Absolutely crazy, that business idea would never work in Sweden. ^^

Reil (ray)

Reil (ray)

ray Official Webpage

But we had such a good time and after a while, Yuki, ray’s support guitarist showed up as well. We enjoyed good food, like takoyaki (a favorite of mine, it’s fried octupus with mayonnaise).


We continued to a karaoke bar where we spent the whole night and sang ’til our throats hurt. Awesomely fun!


Finally I’ve ended up at a karaoke bar in Tokyo. ^^ We missed the last subway of course and had to stay there ’til it opened again in the morning. But first, we restored our energies at a noodles restaurant.

We had a blast so I hope I’ll see these two guys again, very good people. ^^

Japanese McDonalds has pink hamburgers!


A fortune teller in our neighbourhood. Apparantly, Japanese fortune tellers can have golden antennas on their head. ^^


Decoration at our hotel.


I don’t want to go home to Sweden. I really don’t. This is painful. But soon we must go home…

Harajuku, Ikebukuro and birthday party

This Friday, I took a short trip to Harajuku to buy some presents.


Later, me and Jessica headed to Ikebukuro to celebrate her birthday together with Hiraoki (I -アイ- ) and Rysuke (Doukoku) with friends.

We had a really good time and missed the last subway home. We had to take taxi. ^^

Happy birthday Jessica!


Meeting tezya in Ginza

Yesterday, me and Jessica went to Ginza to meet the singer tezya.

tezya Official Webpage

I think the hardest part when using Japanese subway is to pick the right exit. As you see, a single subway station can have LOTS of exits. This is for instance different exits from the Ginza station.


We went to a restaurant first to eat Koshiage, Osaka style. It was different kind of fried food that we dipped in some kind of sause.

The round things is small eggs from the bird Uzura.

And this is fried bulb of lotus.


In the near, a kabuki theatre.


Then we continued to a bar where we drank a talked a lot. I had a really nice evening! Thank you tezya and Jess!

jessica öjermalm, tezya and Iona Rosin