Japanese friends

Day 3: Princess for 1 hour in MaiDreamin

Ever since first time I heard about Japanese maid cafes, I wanted to visit one. Maid cafes is a sort of cosplay restaurants that have grown especially popular in areas like Akihabara. Originally these cafes were designed to attract the fantasies of so called “otakus”; Japanese “nerds” (mostly males) who are obsessive fans of video games, manga and anime. When you become a costumer of a maid cafe, you will be entitled as master (if you’re a male) or as a mistress […]

Okinawa Kitty

Monday 13th must be my lucky day. So many exciting things have happened. When I arrived home, I found this surprise in […]

French galettes

Today I went out for dinner with Toyooka-san after work. We went to the French restaurant “Byn” which is located quite close […]

Italian food

After work, me and Toyooka-san went to an Italian restaurant close to our works and ate delicious pasta. I was sooo hungry […]

Japanese food

Me, a colleague from worj and Toyooka-san went to Roppongi to eat japanese food and it was fun to introduce these gentlemen […]

Japanese kotatu

Toyooka-san told me about Japanese kotatu. It’s some kind of heating blanket that you put on tables and it’s very common in […]

Eating Ramen

Today, me and Toyooka-san went to Ki-mama close to Odenplan, since we wanted to eat ramen. I have never tasted it before […]


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