Will Souiumono fire their guitarist? It might be up to you!

Already in March, the visual kei band Souiumono announced that they might fire their guitarist hirobucky after their one-man live at Shinjuku BLAZE at August 24th since he isn’t “skilled enough”.



There’s a catch though, which was described in the March 2014 issue of “Men’s Spider”. If hirobucky receives 1000 or more petition letters/post cards with messaged like “firing estoppel”, “please stay” or “you can do it” before August 24th – he will stay in the band.

See following link on Souiumono’s official webpage.

hirobucky souiumono

There’s a lot of doubts concerning this announcement’s seriousness, since the band are known for making fun of things.

Is this for real or just a lever PR-trick..? ^^