My heart is broken. :-(

I got very sad when South Korea lost against Uruguay last Saturday but put all my hope to Japan this Tuesday. This time they met Paraguay and got a chance to advance to quarter-final, which would be the first time in Japan’s history.

I believe both teams played well and were almost equally skillful. Most people considered this game as boring since no goals were made, but that’s because both countries had solid defense.

I love you! Fight 'til the end!

I love you! Fight ’til the end!

After first and second half there were still no goals and hence extra time was added. I was so proud of Japan and believe they actually was a bit better than Paraguay. They deserved to win this! This game could end in either way.

My favorite players from Japan: ^^

My favorite players from Japan: ^^

Still no goals during extra time and the game had to be resolved on penalty shoots.

That’s where the nightmare began.

Initially, both teams scored their penalty shots, but when it was Yuichi Komano’s turn, he hit the crossbar… and that miss became the end for Japan in World Cup 2010.

I was devastated and had a hard time to believe it was true. They have done such a great work during World Cup and they did not deserve to loose due to a stupid penalty shot!

The Japanese team was devastated and people cried. This must have been a nightmare for Yuichi Komano… think about it… his mistake determined the final outcome, their loss.

Please don't cry, Yuichi Komano.

Please don’t cry, Yuichi Komano.

I hate penalty shots. Instead of focusing on a hero, all eyes fall upon a scapegoat. Yuichi seemed to be desolated and it breaks my hearth thinking about it. I think I will write him a letter and tell him that I love him anyway. :-)

Japan, I will miss you so much. Japans football team are heroes and I can’t wait to see them again 2014.

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Japan lost against Holland ( ; _ ; )

It was an exciting game but unfortunately did Holland win against Japan with 1-0.

It made me pretty disappointed but I’m so so so proud of the Japanese soccer team. They were awesome today and to be honest – I thought Holland would beat them easier. But Japan gave them a really tough match!



All my love to you Japan! You have my support when you play against Denmark!

You have my support always. <3

World Cup victory – Congrats Japan!

Japan won against Cameruun with 1-0!

And I was happy as a clam – of course.

Please, please, please!

Please, please, please!

To be honest, I was very nervous, ’cause Japan usually not do very well in world cup.

Honda made a goal during first half and the Japanese team managed to keep that position ’til the very end.

Honda - the hero

Honda – the hero

The match was a bit boring to watch, but the fact that I cheer on Japan, that their technique seemed to be working and that the Cameroonians looked scary – I was pretty excited. The Cameroonians was like twice as big as the Japaneses and I was worried that someone would get hurt.

So, All’s Well that Ends Well!

This was a historical victory for Japan who never has made it this far away ground before!

See you again on Saturday! I cross all my fingers for you. Nippon for the win!

People usually gets surprised when they find out my interest for football. At least the world cup when I cheer on Japan and South Korea.

People usually gets surprised when they find out my interest for football. At least the world cup when I cheer on Japan and South Korea.