“I’m a boy, so there’s nothing embarrassing about this photo!”

“My name is Kaoru Oshima.
I am a boy.
I dress as a girl.
I’m not a “new half” [male-to-female transsexual].
I don’t want to be a girl. But I want to look like a girl.
Sexual preference? I like both women and men.
Some people might call me transgender, transvestite, or a cross-dresser, but none of those labels really fit.”

Wow, this boy is really beautiful.

Take a look at this cross-dressing boy who truly will make you confused. ^^

More pictures at:
“Retweet if you thought I was a girl”: This beautiful young man, in his own words【Photos】

Kaoru Oshima’s Twitter

And listen to his voice. :-)




To Dream of Japan

I love watching haute couture and art/fashion photography since they are so creative and sometimes crazy – but first of all beautiful!

Tina Patni is a photographer and she has made a collection of photography’s called “To Dream of Japan”.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Tina Patni’s official Webpage

Tina Patni | To Dream of Japan