“I’m a boy, so there’s nothing embarrassing about this photo!”

“My name is Kaoru Oshima.
I am a boy.
I dress as a girl.
I’m not a “new half” [male-to-female transsexual].
I don’t want to be a girl. But I want to look like a girl.
Sexual preference? I like both women and men.
Some people might call me transgender, transvestite, or a cross-dresser, but none of those labels really fit.”

Wow, this boy is really beautiful.

Take a look at this cross-dressing boy who truly will make you confused. ^^

More pictures at:
“Retweet if you thought I was a girl”: This beautiful young man, in his own words【Photos】

Kaoru Oshima’s Twitter

And listen to his voice. :-)




To Dream of Japan

I love watching haute couture and art/fashion photography since they are so creative and sometimes crazy – but first of all beautiful!

Tina Patni is a photographer and she has made a collection of photography’s called “To Dream of Japan”.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Tina Patni’s official Webpage

Tina Patni | To Dream of Japan

Baggy eyes and crooked teeth are beautiful?

What’s considered to be beautiful do vary in all cultures. What do you think about white skin, baggy eyes, double eye lids and crooked teeth?

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4 Japanese beauty fads that Westerners just don’t understand