Highscool girls that are secretely ninjas!

Watch this video. It’s some schoolgirls that are joking around in the classroom.

And then one of them starts to chase the other, and you realize that they are not normal girls…

Actually, this is not a home-made video at all, it’s a new commercial for a Japanese soft drink. But it looked pretty authentic for a while, didn’t it? ^^

japanese school girl chase #ninja

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Rice paddies becomes art!

Have you seen this before?

Here’s another movie for you. :-)

Rice paddy art

Rice paddy art

It’s called “tanbo art” (田んぼアート) or “rice paddy art”. Different species of rice have different shades and by planting them strategically, motives appear for those who watch from a distance! Usually, hundreds of farmers helps each other out to make these quite unique artwork.

The rice is planted in the spring and gets harvested in the fall and as you can see in the video below, the rise changes color and in the end it’s really beautiful.