Squeeze her boob to get your drink!

Ok, this post is NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

But you know there are many crazy inventions in Japan, right? I prefer to look at them with curiosity instead of self righteous disgust. ^_- After all, cultures, cultures, cultures… And may I add that there’s plenty of Japanese people who find this stuff crazy too. ^^

This invention concerns a realistic latex doll which also serves as a drink dispenser. You squeeze one of the breasts, and you get your drink from the other.
It’s apparently the latest hit on Japanese parties, but not for everyone I suppose – since it costs $5000!

Realistic Japanese doll dispenses drinks when you squeeze her breasts

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Neko Mimi Sabaibaa! The perfect game for catlovers!

Neko Mimi Sabaibaa! (Cat Ear Survivor!) is a smartphone game that will be released on Google Play in Japan next month and on the Apple App Store in December.

The game allows you to take a picture of you furry friend with the “Nyanko Camera” function, which in turn creates an in-game character.  Hope you’re ready to toss your cat into an RPG realm and fight dogs! All cats looks different and have different abilities.

Check out Neko Saba Official site

Thanks Yonna, for the tip! <3

All the Best Stuff is from Japan 1: Penguins, Godzilla & Cute Cafes

Cakes with Faces sells t-shirts, cute accessories and graphic art inspired by Japanese culture and kawaii.

Now they have opened their own Youtube channel and their first episode is called “All the Best Stuff is from Japan 1: Penguins, Godzilla & Cute Cafes”.

It’s pretty fun to watch!

Cake with Faces Official Webpage
Cake with Faces on Facebook
Cake with Faces Youtube Channel

Your power outlet will literally become a butthole!

What do you think about these USB power adapters from Disney? The characters’ butts is equally cute as their heads. Or…?

If you find them appealing, you can buy them at Hamee Online Shop!

Disney butt USB adapter

They are also available as plug aplis!

Disney butt plug apli