The Japanese bra that protects you from bad men!

A new sensational invention from Japan: Ravijour – TRUE LOVE TESTER!

The bra reads the woman’s heart rate signal and can tell if she’s into a man or not. If she isn’t, the bra can’t be unhooked.

Wha’is a little bit strange though, is that when the “love rate” (calculated by a program) exceeds a certain value, the bra unhooks automatically!

That is what I call “Ooooops-on-the-dance-floor”! ^^

Now, what do you think?

Thanks to Hide who shared this link!

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Let the elephant keep track of your phone

Do you easily mislay your cell phone at home?

Well, what would be easy to find in an apartment… yeah, I’ll tell you… AN ELEPHANT!

So isn’t it the smartest thing in the world to let the elephant keep your cellphone while you’re getting busy forgetting about it?

This cute plushie can be bought at aliexpress.

elephant phone holder

elephant phone holder