She shared 3-D printable data of her vagina and got arrested!

These 3-D printers seem to be more and more popular nowadays and several of my own friends own a device like this.

But what is ethical to replicate?

In May, a man in Kawasaki City got arrested for possessing working pistols made using a 3-D printer. Ok, I can understand that.

But now on July 14th, a female artist named Megumi Igarashi, who goes by the name of Rokudenashiko (Good-for-nothing girl), got arrested  for distributing “obscene” digital files about how to make an accurate mold of her vagina using a 3-D printer.

Japanese artist arrested for sharing 3-D printable data of her vagina

It sounds like Japan needs to loosen up a bit on this area. There’s nothing obscene with a vagina.

Have a look at her work!

See more about it HERE!