Boobie iPhone Cases

I’m a fan of silicon “boobie”-mouse-pads. I like manga-characters and actually think this type of mouse-pads are the most ergonomic ones I’ve ever tried. I work as a programmer, so I sit in front of the computer a lot!

Now there’s apparently also boobie iPhone cases in Japan (that’s what I call it – no official name ^^). The silicon boobs do probably not have any ergonomic function ^^ but maybe they are nice to play with for those who dares to use it in public.  I would! ^^

You find them at Rakuten!

silicon booby iPhone case

silicon booby iPhone case


silicon booby iPhone case

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What to do about your boyfriend’s anime girlfriend

Japan Today recently published an article about Japanese boys who have relationships to anime characters – and how their current girlfriends can deal with this dilemma.

Shortly, the advices are the following:

1. Make no effort to hide your disapproval
2. Step up to dressing up cosplay style
3. Find an anime boyfriend of your own
4. Break up

Read the whole article here:
Advice from Japanese women on dealing with boyfriend’s anime girlfriend

Anime Girlfriend

The cat who is a station master in Japan

Adorable train, isn’t it!

Tama Densha train

“Tama (たま?, born April 29, 1999) is a female calico cat who gained fame for being a station master and operating officer at Kishi Station on the Kishigawa Line in Kinokawa, Wakayama, Japan.”/Wikipedia

Station Master Tama

Station Master Tama

“In spring 2009, the Wakayama Electric Railway introduced a new “Tama Densha” (たま電車 Tama train?) train on the line which was customized with cartoon depictions of Tama. In August 2010, the station building at Kishi was rebuilt with a new structure resembling a cat’s face.”/Wikipedia

Tama Densha train Tama Densha train

Is a 5 seconds hug worth $13? Pay to cuddle with a stranger.

In Japan, you can actually pay money to sleep next to – and cuddle with – a complete stranger. I’ve heard about this business before and it seems to be a successful one, but I hadn’t seen this video clip before. Thanks for sharing, Mono Chrome!

20 minutes relaxing cost approximately 40 dollars. Resting you head on a girls knees for 3 minutes costs ~13 dollars. A hug for 5 seconds costs ~13 dollars.

Some people visits places like this everyday ’cause they find it unique and relaxing.

I believe this is a quite “easy” job for a young girl? (And I assume that the costumers aren’t violent perverts). I can actually understand this need among lonely people. It might sound weird, but really – you can buy almost anything today and this is very innocent if you ask me.