A new way to have sex with your virtual girlfriend!

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that are really popular now and that soon will hit the stores. The excitement is big, even in Japan of course, where several girl friend programs already have been developed. Soon you will be able to sleep next to Hatsune Miku… or even HAVE SEX WITH her!

(Hatsune Miku is an extremely popular, Japanese vocaloid.)



Negipoyoshi, a young man from Japan has designed this application where you can sip on a drink together with Miku. It’s a little bit more innocent. Maybe that’s something for you?

Watch the video


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Desire the outfit or what’s under it?

This photo was uploaded on Twitter.
It’s taken at the world’s largest dōjinshi fair “Comiket” (コミケット), also known as “the Comic Market” which is held twice a year in Tokyo.

But it seems like it’s not the cosplayer’s clothes that are of the biggest interest by the photographers… rather what’s under it. (?)

I guess this is a moment where you can say “Only in Japan…”

"Comiket" (コミケット), also known as "the Comic Market"


She shared 3-D printable data of her vagina and got arrested!

These 3-D printers seem to be more and more popular nowadays and several of my own friends own a device like this.

But what is ethical to replicate?

In May, a man in Kawasaki City got arrested for possessing working pistols made using a 3-D printer. Ok, I can understand that.

But now on July 14th, a female artist named Megumi Igarashi, who goes by the name of Rokudenashiko (Good-for-nothing girl), got arrested  for distributing “obscene” digital files about how to make an accurate mold of her vagina using a 3-D printer.

Japanese artist arrested for sharing 3-D printable data of her vagina

It sounds like Japan needs to loosen up a bit on this area. There’s nothing obscene with a vagina.

Have a look at her work!

See more about it HERE!