Keisho Ohno concert in Stockholm, Sweden

This Saturday (20/4) we in Nyanko Scandal Factory arranged a concert with Keisho Ohno, in cooperation with Östasiatiska Museet and Torpedo productions.

Keisho Ohno plays the tsugaru shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument with three strings, played with a special kind of plectrum called bachi. The plectrum is made of turtle shell and ivory, and the shamisen has parts of dog skin. I’m sure it makes some of us westerners shocked, but it’s tradition.

Keisho Ohno at Östasiatiska museet

Keisho Ohno at Östasiatiska museet

The event got sold out and Keisho made an exceptional performance, very passionate and skillful. What’s very special with Keisho Ohno and what makes him to a pioneer within this genre is his fusion of traditional Japanese music and modern tones. I could tell that the audience was very satisfied and happy with the evening, just like we in NyankoSF was.

Thanks everyone for an amazing event!

Please visit Keisho Ohno’s wepage:

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