tezya gig at SkeCon in Skellefteå, Sweden

I believe everything went very well this weekend. As I hope you know by know :-) Nyanko Scandal Factory and SkeKai did bring the Japanese glam rock singer tezya to the “Japan convention” SkeCon in Skellefteå.

At Arlanda airport, tezya made an interview with JaME Sweden which you can read here: Intervju med tezya (it’s in Swedish. You can read my English translation here: Interview with tezya)

Finally in Skellefteå, we were all very well taken care of by the SkeCon staff. Thank you!

Me and Jess outside the arena

Me and Jess outside the arena

Saturday July 6th, it was time for tezya’s performance at SkeCon. I must say that is was an AMAZING concert! Such a special LIVE moment.

tezya gave it all on stage and played a lot of favorite songs from his album “LIFE MY BABYLON“. The SkeCon audience was so lovely, jumped danced and sheered. There was a really good interaction between tezya on stage and the audience on the floor.

tezya at SkeCon

tezya at SkeCon

tezya moves around a lot of stage, makes wide gestures, jumps, dances and swings the microphone stand like the rock’n’roll star he is. He looked really cool in his costume that he has designed himself (he’s not only a singer, he also models and design clothes). I wish I could buy his clothes somewhere. ^^

Mostly Nyanko Scandal Factory brings visual kei artists to Europe, but tezya is not visual kei: his music is called “Future glamour rock’n’roll” and that’s what it was. Pure amazing! I love it.

tezya at SkeCon

tezya at SkeCon

tezya’s music is heavy, maybe you can say it has a touch of industrial sound (futuristic sound), and his voice is really dark, deep and mature which gives his music that really unique sound.  Listening to it live while watching the very charismatic tezya on stage, truly was an experience I will cherish. He also performed some of his slower songs that I really love, like Cosmo of love! That was an emotional moment for the audience.

tezya at SkeCon

tezya at SkeCon

Some pictures are already uploaded in the gallery at Nyanko Scandal Factory’s webpage, but stay tuned, ’cause more photos and videos will come!

You find the pictures here: Gallery: tezya at SkeCon July 6th 2013

tezya in Sweden

tezya in Sweden

I think tezya enjoyed his stay in Sweden and we hope to see him here soon again!

Please visit tezyas Official homepage: tezya official web site

tezya on Facebook
tezya on MySpace

me and tezya

me and tezya

Album and photo signed by tezya

Album and photo signed by tezya

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Words from a bad beauty… tezya is coming!

He has created music with legends like Sugizo and Shinya (Luna Sea) and works as a musician and a model. If you live in Sweden or nearby, I hope you know by now that tezya will visit us at SkeCon, July 6th in Skellefteå.

Buy your ticket here: http://www.skekai.se/conman/
For more information, see following page at Nyanko Scandal Factory page: tezya @ Skellefteå 06/07/2013

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this guy perform! There’s also opportunity for meet and greet!!!

Yes, a beauty with a bad boy’s history is coming… therefore I find it suitable to post a favorite interview with this handsome guy, made last year by j-popworld.com. I sure look forward to see the man behind those words!

tezya Interview



“I was forced into playing the piano… I disliked music at first. But after seeing Michael Jackson and Duran Duran, I became a prisoner of music.” – tezya

Bad boys come and bad boys go… and sometimes they become rock stars. For one troublemaking kid growing up Japan music offered a more constructive outlet for his energies. With a musical style he describes as “my version of what I call Future Glamour Rock’n’Roll” and a dramatic visual style that’s hard to ignore, we think tezya is an artist worth taking a closer look at.

With his debut album “Life My Babylon” now available and an insatiable desire to spread his music around the world, what better time to hear the story of the man who says in song: “The first thing these eyes saw must have been your smile…”

On May 15, 2012 tezya was kind enough to give an interview to Andrew from J-Pop World. All photos courtesy of tezya with credits to Nakazono and Makico. Translations by tezya and Marc Chima.

Let’s start from the beginning. Can you tell us about your hometown and what it was like growing up there?

I was born and raised in Kanagawa prefecture, next to Tokyo, in a city called Atsugi. The place I lived in was a small, faraway place with a lot of nature. When I was young I would swim in the river, and my friends and I would make secret forts in the mountains; I was always playing outside. When I became a teenager, because I was relatively close to an American Army base, I would often drink with the soldiers in the pub there.

How did you first get into music?

My mother was a music teacher, so I was forced into playing the piano. Thus, I disliked music at first. But after seeing Michael Jackson and Duran Duran, I became a prisoner of music.



What type of student were you in high school?

I was a bad kid of sorts, the kind that would steal a motorcycle and drive it around with no license. Though once I formed a band, music became my life and it made me more focused. I had piercings and long hair, and in order to write songs and practice with my band, I hardly attended school. So I guess I wasn’t a good kid either way, at least from a teacher’s viewpoint.

When did you decide you wanted to make music in your life?

In high school, when I formed a band with Sugizo and Shinya, who are members of Luna Sea now. Ever since, it was a natural progression for me to consider making music my work.



What artists most inspired you while growing up?

Through learning about Duran Duran, I received inspiration from rock icons like David Bowie, Iggy Pop. There was also British New Wave and Glam Rock. For American bands, I listened to Motley Crue. I also like Jim Morrison of The Doors.

How would you describe your musical style now?

It is a mixture of all the influences that I’ve received through listening to all kinds of music and my experience as a musician. My version of what I call Future Glamour Rock’n’Roll.

Your first album is called “Life My Babylon”. Tell us the story behind creating this music.

Regardless of genres, I wanted to create a modernized version of my musical roots. Of course, the songs are created on the premise of giving the fans a great time at a live show.



Who worked on the music with you?

I basically do all the music composition myself. In regards to the music arrangements, I take in opinions from my live members and programmer. The guitar solo on Cosmo of love is Sugizo.

Tell us something about the three songs you think best represent you musically.

That’s a tough question. Cosmo of Love and Where’s my place, Who am I? are the type of music that I hadn’t created before, different from what I have been doing. Still, I think those 2 songs come the closest to my roots as a musician. Also B-A-B-Y-L-O-N, being the first song that I ever created as a solo artist, I think represents my musical origin well.



What type of touring will you be doing to promote the album?

I want to travel to different countries and cities, and perform for all the people who have yet to hear my music live.

Do you have any performances from your past that stand out in your memory?

Last autumn, I went on my first overseas tour to 2 cities in Russia. Due to the fans’ loud cheering, I couldn’t hear the sounds from my monitor speakers. I remembered the Beatles talking of such episode in one of their interviews. I never thought that that could actually happen, so I was astonished.

How can fans purchase your music?

At my live concerts, the AOG Market or JRockStarMagazine Buy it at JRockStarMagazine and it comes with a poster and calendar.

What do your family and friends think of your choice of a career?

Umm, I don’t really know, but my family likes my music, so they let me keep going with it.



What are you plans for the rest of the year?

It’s a very simple plan, but I want to hold good lives and record some new songs.

Do you have anything else you want to bring up or comment on?

Quite simple. To give great shows and record new songs.

Do you have a final message to all your fans?

Nice to meet you, I’m Tezya.
Though many of you may not know me yet
I can’t wait to sing for all of you.
I promise to rock out!
So let me hear your voices there!!

Cosmo of Love
The first thing these eyes saw
must have been your smile
embraced by the sky, first memories
returning to womb, not wanting to be bornFalling, this blue planet
where conflict breathes tirelessly
Falling, why do we
forget what’s important? Is gravity to blame?One cannot live without hurting another
Only through pain can one feel this moment
Thank you, mama, to a limitless future
you gave me life
I’m so so sorry for the way I liveMorning, the morning light
lights this world in despair
Calling, someday to return
to that road where I simply followed with my hand in yours
somedayCalling, someday to return
to that road where I simply followed with my hand in yours
Will I fall in love too someday? Create new bloodline?
In the middle of this incomplete dream
Calling, someday to return
to that road where I simply followed with my hand in yoursBecause, calling…© Words and Music by tezya

Watch this beauty…

… LIVE at SkeCon, Skellefteå, Sweden (July 6th)! This man has worked with living legends like Sugizo & Shinya (Luna Sea) and works as musician, designer, model…

Now he’s coming to Scandinavia!

Tickets: http://www.skekai.se/conman/

Please visit Nyanko Scandal Factory who has booked tezya!

Meet & Greet with Tezya! Only 8 open spots!

This summer, you get the chance to meet the Japanese glam rock musician Tezya, who among else have created music with celebrities like Sugizo and Shinya (Luna Sea).

Tezya will perform at the Swedish convent SkeCon!

This is SkeKai’s announcement:

Exclusive meet & greet with tezya at Skecon (5-7 July)!
For 215 sek you get the chance to meet him in person + CD and Poster!

Only 8 ppl can attend so be fast to get your spot ok?! ;)

Tickets: http://www.skekai.se/conman/

It’s Nyanko Scandal Factory that brings tezya to Sweden!
Nyanko Scandal Factory’s Official webpage



SkeCon & Nyanko Scandal Factory

What’s up this summer?

Do you recognize this song?

Yeah, it’s “Wind“, the first ending theme from Naruto, one of the most famous animes worldwide.



So how about this one?

Good job your right! It’s “Yellow moon“, the 13th ending theme from the same anime.

They are both composed by the Japanese musician Akeboshi. And do you know what?

He will visit us at SkeCon in Skellefteå this summer (5-7 July), so I hope I will see you there! (Yes, I will be there. ^^ Cause there is more…)

At SkeCon, you will have plenty to do, among else: karaoke, games, origami, treasure hunt, TV games, drawer’s corner, plastic beads, board games, competition, cosplay, tours, rave.

And what me concerns: the most important part since it’s what we in Nyanko Scandal Factory is bringing:


The Japanese glam rock musician and photomodel who has composed music with legends like Sugizo and Shinya (Luna Sea).



Haven’t got your ticket yet? Get it here!

See you!

Tickets to tezya (it’s getting hot in here)

I hope you know that the super musician TEZYA will come to Sweden this summer.

He will perform at the Swedish Japanese convent SkeCon (July 6th) and tickets are already available. Buy your ticket now – here: http://www.skekai.se/conman/



tezya have worked with a lot of people within the visual kei industry; Sugizo and SiNE6 for instance. He’s a true jrock veteran – you just don’t want to miss this…

For more information, see following page at Nyanko Scandal Factory page: tezya @ Skellefteå 06/07/2013


Tezya the model

Here is “BLACKOUT”, demoversion, ( SiNE6 feat SUGIZO × TEZYA)

It’s Nyanko Scandal factory, that booked tezya to sweden!

Nyanko Scandal Factory

Nyanko Scandal Factory