Benicco has revamped Nyan-kun!

Orochi‘s art director Benicco has revamped Nyan-kun, the mascot of Nyanko Scandal Factory! Ain’t the illustration great?

Take a look at Nyanko Scandal Factory’s webpage!

Also, don’t miss OROCHI in Sweden!

Nyankun by Benicco

Avocation Agency and promoters of Japanese artists

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Nyanko Scandal Factory

Yuki is featured on EN:CORE

Yuki is currently featured on the internet pages of the digital magazine EN:CORE that is to be published soon.

Please go and check it out! ^^

To shout for EN.CORE get connected to:

shout for EN.CORE | Yuki Aneyoshi | I-ai-


Band: I -ai- (I -アイ-)
Pronunciation: Like the English “I” or “eye”.
Formed: 2011


Vocal: Hiroaki Nakashima (I-アイ-)

Guitar: Yuki Aneyoshi (I-アイ-)

Vocal: Hiroaki Nakashima Guitar: Yuki Aneyoshi

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I -ai- (I -アイ-)

Facebook Twitter Bloodtype Birthday
Hiroaki Nakashima Hiroaki Nakashima Hiroaki Nakashima: O Hiroaki Nakashima: Dec 29th 1978
Yuki Aneyoshi Yuki Aneyoshi: A Yuki Aneyoshi: May 22nd 1981

Youtube videos:
Duty Live Clips Euro Tour 2014
Euro Tour” Documentary Short Film 2014

Nyanko Scandal Factory is European Manager to I -アイ-:

Nyanko Scandal Factory

Happy Birthday tezya!

Happy Birthday tezya, solo artist and vocalist in tezya and the sightz!

Go congratulate him on Facebook: tezya Official Facebook!



tezyaArtist: tezya
Musical career start: 1992
Birthday: July 28th
Bloodtype: B

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tezya has been booked by Nyanko Scandal Factory:
Gallery: tezya July 6th 2013