Studio Ghibli might not be dead yet

Concerning Studio Ghibli stop making movies, please read following article. Maybe there’s no need to worry:

Studio Ghibli Is Not Dead Yet

Thanks for the link Jesper!

Studio Ghibli might not be dead yet

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Ghibli stops producing movies

The animator Hayao Miyzaki got retired last year and rumors said that “When Marnie Was There” would be Studio Ghiblis last movie.

This was unfortunately confirmed today by the producer Toshio Suzuki in a Japanese TV interview.

Studio Ghibli will from now on not produce any new films and solely focus on taking care of old titles.

Except “When Marnie Was There”, we can look forward to “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” and “Ronia the Robber’s Daughter”. After that, I’m afraid there will not be anything new from Ghibli. Their era is over.

Princess Mononoke

Source: Moviezine (Thanks Thom for the link)