A new way to have sex with your virtual girlfriend!

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that are really popular now and that soon will hit the stores. The excitement is big, even in Japan of course, where several girl friend programs already have been developed. Soon you will be able to sleep next to Hatsune Miku… or even HAVE SEX WITH her!

(Hatsune Miku is an extremely popular, Japanese vocaloid.)



Negipoyoshi, a young man from Japan has designed this application where you can sip on a drink together with Miku. It’s a little bit more innocent. Maybe that’s something for you?

Watch the video


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I’m at then Nordic Game Conference and the highlight of the day was Suda51’s speak about his game “No more heroes”.

No more heroes

No more heroes

That man is weird!!! (And I like it.) He has been inspired by a lot of different movies, TV-shows (Like Jackass – see 05.25 in the movie below), animes and such and some of them was totally crazy (and a bit disturbing, for me anyway). Like “El Topo” from which we saw a sequence of a man brutally murdering defenseless men without legs and arms in the desert while a woman was laughing hysterically. Very weird. I think I have to see that movie.



Suda51 also recommended a Japanese cult movie (Yakuza genre) called “Gozu“. It’s said to be one of the strangest Japanese films ever made so I will definitely see that one too.

The fights in No more heroes was apparently influenced by the “fighting-scenes” in space balls (Not Star wars!). Watch this scene, it’s so fun: Space balls Schwartz Fight.

Suda51 had really awesome shoes (!!!) and was a funny speaker. ^_- The man from Rockstar Leeds who was speaking afterwards wondered why he couldn’t get any applauds when showing their GTA-trailers when that “Suda-guy” got major applauds showing movies he hadn’t even made him-selves. ;p It’s a tough world, isn’t it? Well, we all wanted to see that anime that had inspired Suda. He said that there wasn’t enough time and that he should skip it, but we all cried “Nooooo!” and he decided to show it anyway. (08.30) Game people are weird as well. ;P

I love the sound of Japanese, I can listen to it forever. ^^ I wonder how I will react in Japan this summer.

Here’s some parts from Suda51’s speak.