Desire the outfit or what’s under it?

This photo was uploaded on Twitter.
It’s taken at the world’s largest dōjinshi fair “Comiket” (コミケット), also known as “the Comic Market” which is held twice a year in Tokyo.

But it seems like it’s not the cosplayer’s clothes that are of the biggest interest by the photographers… rather what’s under it. (?)

I guess this is a moment where you can say “Only in Japan…”

"Comiket" (コミケット), also known as "the Comic Market"


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Anime Festival Indonesia 2014

I know that a lot of my readers comes from Indonesia, so this is some happy news for you! :-)

Anime Festival Indonesia 2014 (AFAID 2014) will be back for the third time and takes place on August 15th to 17th at Jakarta Convention Center.

Anime Festival Indonesia 2014

The line up for AFAID’s “I love Anisong” concert includes so far:

Eir Aoi
Hachioji P
DJ Kazu
Luna Haruna

Except listening to music you will be able to enjoy a lot of things at this convent, like watching cosplay celebrities (and maybe compete yourself?), meet guests from the anime industry, grab a coffee at “Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe” and buying merchandize from famous Japanese brands.

More information:Official Site
Official Facebook Page
Official Twitter
Official AFA Indonesia Twitter
AFA Channel

Reika – famous Japanese cosplayer comes to USA and Europe

This amazing cosplayer – Reika – comes to USA and Europe next year, so if you are a cosplayer nerd ^^, there’s some dates to mark in your calender.

People speculate in however Reika is a girl or a boy, but I think it’s a girl. What do you think? ^^

Thanks for the tip, Jessica!

This is Reika’s schedule for the next year:

1/12:COMIC CITY in OOSAKA4号館コ44b
1/19:Thailand Uta no Prince-sama Only Event
2/9:TOKYO Attack on Titan event
3/14~16:USA(Houston) Anime Matsuri Convention
5/3~4:Romania Otaku Festival
6/13~15:Netherlands// Animecon

As you can see, Reika will participate in events both in USA, Romania and Netherlands in March, May and June.

If this person makes you curious, take a look at Reika’s official facebook page!

Here are some of her costumes. Do you recognize any characters? ^^

Thanks for the tip, Jess! <3

tezya performs Sway at SkeCon

Nyanko Scandal Factory has just uploaded another video from tezya’s concert at SkeCon which took place in Skellefteå on July 6th this year.

Here he performs nothing less than “Sway” from his album “LIFE MY BABYLON”. Are you ready to wave your arm?

“Sway! Sway! Walking in the rain!”

See more material from this show at following link: Gallery: tezya July 6th 2013

Please visit tezyas Official homepage: tezya official web site

tezya on Facebook
tezya on MySpace
tezya Sight | Soundcloud