DAY 2: Roppongi and Laforet

It’s been a rainy day, but not that cold though. I spent all morning in Harajuku and on Takeshita Street for a crazy and unruly shopping spree, but now I had to take care of some serious stuff…

I noticed this morning that… lo and behold… the worst thing imagined had happened to me.


*lol* Well, if I don’t flatiron my hair, people might mistaken me for a troll, so I really had to do something about it.

The hotel staff recommended me to WALK to a store to the south, so I started to walk in the rain. I thought it would be a short walk, but it felt like I was struggling in this nasty weather forever.

On my way I eventually passed this pet-store and got quite stunned. I’ve never seen a pet-store like this before, with kittens and dogs in the windows. We don’t have that in Sweden.


My heart was crying ’cause they all looked so adorable and I felt sorry for them to be locked in like that. The white fur-ball had a lot of energy and wanted to play with the other cats, but they were all isolated from each other. Oh, such heart ache… :-(

After a while I realized that I had walked all the way to Roppongi and to my delight, I found the store and could buy myself a new (and Japanese) flat iron.

It was so rainy and cloudy. Hey, where did the top of that skyscraper go??? ^_-

It was so rainy and cloudy. Hey, where did the top of that skyscraper go??? ^_-

I took the subway back to Aoyama-itchome. Why didn’t the hotel staff tell me there was a subway line? *grunt*

The day hadn’t come to an end though. When I was about to leave Harajuku earlier today, I stumbled upon a big fashion house called “Laforet” and its lower floors seemed filled with alternative fashion like visual kei, oshare kei, lolita, goth and jrock music stores. That kind of made me interested so I decided to go back.

If you walk the entire Takeshita Street from the Harajuku station, you turn right at the end. (On the other side you see Harajuku Street.) Keep walking and you will soon see Laforet to the right. Around next upcoming corner there’s an exit to the Meiji-jingumae station – pretty perfect!

There was some pretty nice clothes outside Laforet. Take a look at this design!

A dress for the Queen of Punkrock?

A dress for the Queen of Punkrock?

I didn’t buy much clothes, only this comfy “jacket”. I really loved it. :-) <3



I also stumbled upon this jrock store… oh, so much great things in there and I spent TOO much money… But I just couldn’t stop myself. I can’t get my hands on stuff like this in Sweden! Not to this price anyway.

Jrock store

Jrock store

So I invested in the first and second edition of Shoxx Gazette Collections… really thick books! And GazettE’s “Division” (First Press Limited Edition). It wasn’t cheap, but totally worth it…

And see... Plunklock! :-D

And see… Plunklock! :-D

I was SO tired when I went to bed this night… It’s been a lot of walking and carrying. ^^

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