Harajuku, Ikebukuro and birthday party

This Friday, I took a short trip to Harajuku to buy some presents.


Later, me and Jessica headed to Ikebukuro to celebrate her birthday together with Hiraoki (I -アイ- ) and Rysuke (Doukoku) with friends.

We had a really good time and missed the last subway home. We had to take taxi. ^^

Happy birthday Jessica!


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Visual kei event in Ikebukuro Cyber

Today me and Jessica headed to Ikebukuro for another visual kei event. Today we were going to see palholic, Lil.y, Hisatan, Gimmick, Misaruka, The Gallo and Capella.

Very big building that looks like a cell phone in Ikebukuro. ^^


But first we ate some FOOD! I love gyoza!

The venue (“Cyber”) was very very small. Like a garage. I think we were less than 50 people in the audience. So the concert became very intimiate and cozy.

First out was palholic/pastelholic/ (パスホリ). I have never heard about this band before. The singer was dressed in red and was very smiley and energetic. Maybe a little bit TOO smiley. ^^ The music was OK, but a little bit too soft for me.


Next was Lil.y. I liked them, since there was more screaming. I had heard about Lil.y before. They wore blue and white clothes. The singer had very sharp blue lenses. Me and Jessica did a good job to copy the furi. I think I will listen more to Lil.y when I come home.


Next was Hisatan (ひさたん) from FULL EFFECT and he entered the stage with a mask so we couldn’t see his face. Neither me or Jessica had heard about him before so we wanted to know what he looked like. Was he old? Young? He had a lot of fans in the audience that was screaming for him like crazy. His music included a lot of headbanging, so that was nice, but the rest was not that exiting. When he took off his mask we could see that he was a pretty young boy. He wore a simple hoodie and shorts, the less visual kei of tonight.

Next was Gimmick. They had quite funny clothes. The singer did not have that much charisma though. The bass-player was very small, dressed in baggy clothes, big black glasses and had big cute hair. He smiley constantly. Looked a little bit like a cute nerd to me. ^^ One of the guitar-players sang along very passionate to each song. It was fun to see Gimmick, but not that great that I wanted to buy a CD.


Next was Misaruka. When the curtain in front of the stage was removed and we could see their siluettes, they looked like giants compared to the other bands. Big hair and big dresses, like a Versailles replica. The singer was very cute. This was the first time I saw them live, Jessica had seen them three times before. I think their songs had funny furi and this was one of the best bands of tonight. During one song, everybody was supposed to run to the stage and kind of bump into each other, hard to explain. Jessica enjoyed this a lot, and the singer kind of grabbed her head and forced her to his lap. To me, it looked like Jessica tried to get loose, but couldn’t. But she returned smiley widely. Well, yes, he was good looking.


Next up was THE GALLO, my favorite band of this night. I had bever heard them before. They entered the stage with black capes, holding candles. Last entered the singer with a big scary black mask, looked a little bit like a gas-mask. But he threw it off quickly. THE GALLOs music was fast and heavy, a lot of headbanging – I liked it a lot. Definitely the best of tonight. One of the guitarists was pretty crazy. After a while he took off his shirt and ran down to the audiece. The singer told us to split and gather at each wall. Then we were supposed to jump into the middle and moshpit with the guitarist. He seemed to enjoy it a lot. He ran around among the girls and messed up their hair. Then we were split again, and demanded to start circling arount the guitarist.


In the end the singer smudged his lipstick all over his face and chest. Sexy. I decided to buy one of their CDs, their music was good.


And last out was Capella. Maybe the most popular band of tonight. I had heard about them before. Their music was OK, but not really my taste. A little bit too soft. But they were cute and smiley. The band will dispand this year.


Overall it was a pretty cool evening. It’s exciting to see bands you haven’t heard of before. :-) And Japanese concerts are so much more fun that European one.

I believe I’ve seen 15 bands during this Japan visit. That’s probably more that I saw during entire last year. ^^

And I bought some chekis of THE GALLO and Misaruka.

Shopping in Akihabara and okonomiyaki in Ikebukuro!

Yesterday, me and Jess headed to Akihabara for some souvenir shopping to family and friends. But we did also do some shopping for ourselves.

Me for instance found these cute cats.


And this cute anime figure. It has somehow become a tradition for me to buy an anime figure each time in Japan. ^^ I don’t remember her name right now though.


Later we headed to Ikebukuro to meet Hiroaki (I -アイ-), David and Stephany. We went to a Japanese restaurant where we could eat and drink as much as we wanted for a certain price. Gosh, I ate and drank so much. Mmmm. Okonomiyaki!

And I got the opportunity to try out this “natto” that everybody talks about.

We had such a nice time! Thank you all!


It’s strange that the subway and train closes so early in such a big city as Tokyo. At midnight we always have to head home, and it feels too early.

It’s not often I see an empty tube carriage like this…


What to do when your drunk friend falls on the track. Don’t go after him – press the button!



This day has been really sunny and warm, no jacket needed!


We made a short visit in Harajuku where we went to a Purikura place. You know, these cute, pastell colored photos that Japanese highschool students like to take together. I simply think it’s fun.

It was very crowded today…


Everything is about being KAWAII in Japan! ^^


I think I’ve told you about this before, but you need to make a lot of choices before you can actually take the photo.


Then you go into a booth, follows the instructions and take your photos.

Then you need to find another booth where you can decorate your photos.


And here is the result… lol.


Today we had big plans…. we were going to Ikebukuro for a visual kei event and see following bands: GRIEVA, MEJIBRAY, BORN, DIARUA, Liphlich and DEZERT!






We saw some sakura in bloom. ^^


Inside the arena. It’s Tatsuya ‘s birthday today, drummer in DIAURA.


Flowers… since it was the arena EDGE’s 2nd anniversary. But we weren’t actually in the EDGE building… I don’t know why. That’s why we got lost a lot today.


We thought that we would be standing during this event, but it turned out that we all had seats in the arena. I liked it, ’cause I was still quite sore after the GazettE gig yesterday (where I more or less had to fight for my life). ^^ We sat on the balcony and got a really good view.

First to perform was GRIEVA. To me it was really amazing to get the opportunity to see them live. They were actually my favorite this night. It was really hard, fast and a lot of screaming and headbaning. They were all dressed in black and rivets, and the singer ran around and rolled on the floor. High energy!

Band: GRIEVA (グリーヴァ)
Formed: 2012


Vocal: Kyouki (狂鬼) (GRIEVA) Guitar: Roku (碌) (GRIEVA) Guitar: Haru (陽) (GRIEVA) Bass: Hisame (緋雨) (GRIEVA) Drums: Rui (琉碧) (GRIEVA)
Kyouki (狂鬼)
Roku (碌)
Haru (陽)
Hisame (緋雨)
Rui (琉碧)

Next up was DEZERT. I have actually not heard them before, I think. But they were pretty good. The singer had two top-knots and a “bloodstained” white shirt. The bassplayer wore a panda-mask for a while before the singer took it off and threw it to the audience. The singer poured a bottle of water over himself and a guy from the staff had to run in and dry the floor. It looked a bit funny.


Then there was Liphlich and they played at least three songs that I like. They looked the less visual kei today I believe, in comparison with the other bands. The singer wore a quite simple, red and shiny costume. He had a quite powerful vibrato.


And next up was BORN. I really didn’t like the singer’s clothes, I don’t know how to describe it… some kind of black and golden body suit… any way he looked really redicilous in it and when he started to hump it didn’t look sexy at all. ;-) He had really sharp red lips, blond hair and glitter under his eyes. He has a very powerful voice and the whole crowd below us started to jump from side to side in the arena.

Band: BORN
Formed: 2008


Vocal: Ryoga (猟牙) (BORN) Guitar: K (BORN) Guitar: Ray (BORN) Drums: Tomo (BORN)
Ryoga (猟牙)

Then there was MEJIBRAY, Jessicas favorites. I saw Meto enter the stage, crawling with is teddybear in his mouth. Then did Koichi and MiA enter and last came Tsuzuku with a black cape. Mejibray was awesome, as expected. Shit, that man has an extremely high-pitched scream sometimes. And it didn’t take long before he took off his cape and his jacket below. Then he was wearing a black string vest. He tied his jacket around his neck and simulated himself being hanged and fell down on his knees. The first song they played was RAVEN. MEJIBRAYconcert included a lot of headbaning and it was fun!

Formed: 2011


Vocal: Tsuzuku (綴) (Mejibray) Bass: Koichi (恋一) (Mejibray) Guitar: MiA (Mejibray) Drums: METO (メト) (Mejibray)
Vocal: Tsuzuku (綴) Bass: Koichi (恋一) Guitar: MiA Drums: METO (メト)

And last was DIAURA. That singer looks really really good, and… he he he, especially with this shirt off. That man has some serious abs!!! I think he had the most handsome clothes of them all tonight. And the music was good.

Formed: 2010


Vocal: yo-ka (DIAURA)

Guitar: Kei (DIAURA)

Bass: Shoya (DIAURA)

Drums: Tatsuya (DIAURA)

Kei (佳衣)
Shoya (翔也)
Tatsuya (達也)

All band were great, I must say that it has been a wonderful evening. But the best bands for night – according to me – was GRIEVA and Mejibray.

I bought a lot of chekis tonight…







After a beer it was time to go home and buy something to eat for the evening.

Do you want some Japanese snacks?


Jessica ate soba noodles.


I gave Jessica a cherry mochi, but she spit it out and gave to me. Lol…

Jetlag, Umeboshi and Ikebukuro

Our second day in Tokyo. I got jetlagged and slept way toooo long this morning. Missed hotel’s breakfast, but I had some rise balls spared that I could eat. So good!


I tried to eat something that I really didn’t know what it was – but now I know: umeboshi….! It was probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten. I thought it would be sweet like cherry, but no no. I can’t even explain what it tasted like, you have to experience it yourself… experience the horror…


On the other hand I like Japanese fluffy pancakes that you can buy at FamilyMarts. They are filled with something that seem to be vanilla cream and… maybe syrup. Taste sweet… very good.


This is outside our hotel.


I’m very curious about this store…



A regular smoking room in Japan… Gosh… I miss the freedom of smoking outside…anywhere… as you can do in Sweden.


Don’t run in the subway!



I decided to make a short visit to Shibuya today.


The famous crossing in Shibuya at the Hachiko exit. So many people….


Here is the statue of the famous dog Hachiko, he waited for his dead master to show up at the station for nine years… Poor dog.



A filming team wanted Jessica to act in front of the camera. They asked me too, so I guess they was looking for gaijins… ;-)


Time for some food… I ate some mochi! I love the one with cherry in it!


Then we headed to Akihabara! The electronic city and haven of the nerds… ^^






In Akihabara we socialized a bit with a friend of mine, Toyookasan.


Sign in the batroom. Which button to you push to flush? ;-)


Then we headed to Ikebukuro.






We went to a Japanese restaurant with the singer in the Japanese band I -アイ-

We could order via a technical device at the table, not need for a waitress. ^^


Cassis beer… black currant taste – very sweet and good!


Delicious tuna sushi!


He treated us so much great food.




I like Japanese restaurants when you can sit in a cozy booth like this!


Hiroaki (I -アイ-), Jessica and me.

Iona Rosin