Meeting tezya in Ginza

Yesterday, me and Jessica went to Ginza to meet the singer tezya.

tezya Official Webpage

I think the hardest part when using Japanese subway is to pick the right exit. As you see, a single subway station can have LOTS of exits. This is for instance different exits from the Ginza station.


We went to a restaurant first to eat Koshiage, Osaka style. It was different kind of fried food that we dipped in some kind of sause.

The round things is small eggs from the bird Uzura.

And this is fried bulb of lotus.


In the near, a kabuki theatre.


Then we continued to a bar where we drank a talked a lot. I had a really nice evening! Thank you tezya and Jess!

jessica öjermalm, tezya and Iona Rosin

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Cats on street sign creates reactions in Japan

On weekends and holidays, when the main street in Ginza is closed to traffic, this cat owner use to bring her lovely furballs to the city.

Here you see the kittens balancing on a street sign which created quite much reactions and people brought up their cameras to take a photo of the cuties.

You only see it in Japan…

Cats on Streetsign in Ginza (Japan)