Meeting ray in Shibuya

This tuesday it was time for me and Jessica to meet Ray (one of our focus artists) and his support guitarist. But first we enjoyed some extremely delicious salmon sashimi in Aoyama. Mmmm, I love it so much!


And some udon noodles!


And some spring rolls!


Then we headed to Shibuya. Lot’s of people as always.


We went by a pet shop with adorable dogs and cats…

In Shibuya we met Ray and together we went to a restaurant at which you could drink as much as you wanted for six hours. Absolutely crazy, that business idea would never work in Sweden. ^^

Reil (ray)

Reil (ray)

ray Official Webpage

But we had such a good time and after a while, Yuki, ray’s support guitarist showed up as well. We enjoyed good food, like takoyaki (a favorite of mine, it’s fried octupus with mayonnaise).


We continued to a karaoke bar where we spent the whole night and sang ’til our throats hurt. Awesomely fun!


Finally I’ve ended up at a karaoke bar in Tokyo. ^^ We missed the last subway of course and had to stay there ’til it opened again in the morning. But first, we restored our energies at a noodles restaurant.

We had a blast so I hope I’ll see these two guys again, very good people. ^^

Japanese McDonalds has pink hamburgers!


A fortune teller in our neighbourhood. Apparantly, Japanese fortune tellers can have golden antennas on their head. ^^


Decoration at our hotel.


I don’t want to go home to Sweden. I really don’t. This is painful. But soon we must go home…

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Shinkiba and the GazettE concert at Studio Coast

This has been a bit gloomy day and in the morning it was raining cats and dogs. I was a little bit worried, ’cause I was going to a GazettE concert today and did not look forward to stand waiting in line in the rain. But I was lucky, and the raining stopped.

We can see Tokyo Tower from our hotel. :-)


Jessica and I did miss the hotel breakfast today too… something tells me that we need to get to bed earlier.

We didn’t have much time to do anything else today, so in the afternoon, Jessica went to see a HITT concert and I headed to Shinkiba for GazettE.

Don’t do this in the subway… whatever “this” is. ^^


In Japan there is tube carriages only for women – so they don’t need to be harassed maybe…


Do this if your wife fall on the track!


I’m always a little bit nervous when I need to get to new areas in Tokyo alone, but everything went fine and I found the arena easily.



Here we leave gifts for the band members.


And outside the arena they were selling merchandize.


I managed to get my ticket at the place and felt really releaved and happy. ^^


I don’t think I’ve ever seen GazettE overalls before…?


More and more people arrived to the arena.




And inside was a big sign welcoming us… ^^


Last time I saw GazettE in Tokyo, the arena was huge and we all had seats. I ended up in the very back and somehow I expected it to be kind of the same this time. But I was very wrong.

The arena was quite small and we all had standing tickets. I ended up on 5th or 6th row right in front of the stage. I realized that I would get an equally good look at the boys as I got during the European tour. And that was exciting. I wondered if the crowd would be as crazy as well…

The concert started and it felt amazing to see them all again. I saw them all very well from my spot. Their clothing are so awesomly good looking this time and I love Ruki’s and Reita’s current hairdos.

They only played old songs this time and I’m so happy that I got to hear favorites like Social Riot Machine, LINDA~candydive Pinky heaven~, Silly God Disco, Akai one piece and Ruder. Ruki gave us some fan service and Uruha flirted with the crowd constantly. Finally I got to see Uruha with bare legs. ^^ Well, at least one bare leg. His pants was only short on one side. But what a leg!!!

Kai was smiling big and happily behind the drums. His smile is really adorable. Aoi smiled more gently to the crowd.

It was quite crazy to stand were I did. I thought it would be calmer at a Japanese concert, but this was just as chaotic as in Germany. People was pushing like crazy and it was hard to stand up. I tried to endure as long as I did though, since I had an amazing spot.

They had burning candles on the stage and the sound and lightning was great. Ruki’s voice was very very strong and clear this night. Uh, I just wish I understood everything they talked about.

Then there was encore and we had to shout for a long, long time. I realized at this point that I wouldn’t be able to stay, I really needed water or I would faint. It was so hot inside. So the end of the concert I stood a little bit in the back, but still so close that I could see their faces clear. Yes, this was a small area. Kai and Reita had along solo with us.

Japaneses don’t clap hand after fast songs, only after slow ones. And after a fast song, they all start to scream the names of the band members. And they do that growling – even the girls. It sounded really weird to me… like there was a bunch of old, angry men shouting. But there was mostly girls. Girls with very raspy dark growling voices. ^^ I couldn’t believe that sound could came from such small and cute beings.

It was a wonderful concert and I’m glad I went here. This was my fifth concert with the GazettE and I hope there wil be more.

Here’s some merch that I bought: A Black Moral Teddy


A Black Moral towel that I truly got use for during the concert… (It’s all sweaty and jucky now…)


A Black Moral necklace…


Tomorrow, me and Jessica will see Mejibray, GRIEVA, Liplich, DIAURA and BORN. It will be sooo fun!


And now, time to eat something… this tasted as sponge cake with strawberry and milk.


And this I believe was some kind of mochi (correction, my first guess was wrong. ^^). Very sweet… the filling inside tasted like strawberry cake. ^^


Oyasumi nasai!

Band: the GazettE
Formed: 2002


Vocal: Ruki (the GazettE)

Guitar: Aoi (the GazettE)

Guitar: Uruha (the GazettE)

Bass: Reita (the GazettE)

Drums: Kai (the GazettE)

Vocal: Ruki Guitar: Aoi Guitar: Uruha Bass: Reita Drums: Kai


the GazettE Official Webpage
the Gazette Official Facebook
the GazettE Official Fanclub – HERESY
Ruki’s Instagram

Other posts about the GazettE on my blog:
The GazettE (ガゼット)

Twitter Fanmail Bloodtypes Birthday
Ruki Ruki Ruki: B Ruki: FEB 1st
Aoi Aoi Aoi: A Aoi: JAN 20th
Uruha Uruha: O Uruha: JUN 9th
Reita Reita: A Reita: MAY 27th
Kai Kai: B Kai: OCT 28th

Jetlag, Umeboshi and Ikebukuro

Our second day in Tokyo. I got jetlagged and slept way toooo long this morning. Missed hotel’s breakfast, but I had some rise balls spared that I could eat. So good!


I tried to eat something that I really didn’t know what it was – but now I know: umeboshi….! It was probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten. I thought it would be sweet like cherry, but no no. I can’t even explain what it tasted like, you have to experience it yourself… experience the horror…


On the other hand I like Japanese fluffy pancakes that you can buy at FamilyMarts. They are filled with something that seem to be vanilla cream and… maybe syrup. Taste sweet… very good.


This is outside our hotel.


I’m very curious about this store…



A regular smoking room in Japan… Gosh… I miss the freedom of smoking outside…anywhere… as you can do in Sweden.


Don’t run in the subway!



I decided to make a short visit to Shibuya today.


The famous crossing in Shibuya at the Hachiko exit. So many people….


Here is the statue of the famous dog Hachiko, he waited for his dead master to show up at the station for nine years… Poor dog.



A filming team wanted Jessica to act in front of the camera. They asked me too, so I guess they was looking for gaijins… ;-)


Time for some food… I ate some mochi! I love the one with cherry in it!


Then we headed to Akihabara! The electronic city and haven of the nerds… ^^






In Akihabara we socialized a bit with a friend of mine, Toyookasan.


Sign in the batroom. Which button to you push to flush? ;-)


Then we headed to Ikebukuro.






We went to a Japanese restaurant with the singer in the Japanese band I -アイ-

We could order via a technical device at the table, not need for a waitress. ^^


Cassis beer… black currant taste – very sweet and good!


Delicious tuna sushi!


He treated us so much great food.




I like Japanese restaurants when you can sit in a cozy booth like this!


Hiroaki (I -アイ-), Jessica and me.

Iona Rosin

Landed in Tokyo

It’s been a long day and a long flight, but everything went smooth.

Me and Jess landed in Narita outside Tokyo today and it has been warm and sunny. Cold Sweden felt very far away.

We headed to our hotel close to Aoyama Itchome station and while she went out to do some Nyanko business, I went to Harajuku for a stroll.

I was very tired from the flight, but it was so nice to see familiar neighborhoods. I think Tokyo has a certain smell, and it awakes memories in me. I like it.

I just strolled around the Meiji shrine entrance, the yoyogi park and Takeshita street. Most things looked the same.

This is the entrance to the park that leads to the Meji Shrine.

Meji shrine

There was a lot of people at Takeshita Street.

Takeshita street, Harajuku

Takeshita street, Harajuku

Takeshita street, Harajuku

Takeshita street, Harajuku

Takeshita street, Harajuku

When it was time to meet up with Jess, we celebrated over a sweet and tasty harajuku crep (Oh, so I’ve been longing for this).

Harajuku crepes

Harajuku crepes

Harajuku crepes

Harajuku crepes

Harajuku crepes

Made a short visit in a jrock store before we headed home to eat Nikuman and drink Japanese beer.

Nikuman is some kind of bread filled with meat and cabbage, and it was Jessica who introudes me to this very tasty meal for only 100 yen. Mmmmm… oishii!



This is our messy hotel room. It was much bigger than I expected. So far I’ve only lived in reeeeaally small hotelrooms in Japan.

Hotel room

So far so good. :-) But soooooo tired.