Imagine flying like this!

I’ve always been envious of the birds… and now I’m envious of “THE JETMAN!”

This photo shows “The Jetman” (Yves Rossy) flying by Mount Fuji in Japan with a jet-powered carbon-Kevlar Jetwing.

The photo was taken on November 1st when he jumped from an helicopter at an altitude of 3,600 meters and then flew around Fuji with this equipment. Must have been lovely. And so cool!

Jet-powered carbon-Kevlar Jetwing


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Really cool cloud phenomena at the top of Mount Fuji

I would like to see this with my own eyes: beautiful lenticular clouds surrounding mount Fuji in Japan.

Lenticular Clouds | Mount Fuji

Lenticular Clouds | Mount Fuji

Lenticular clouds can appear due to convection (hot air bubbles rises) or due to turbulence (small irregular movements in the air) in a layer of the atmosphere. The lenticular cloud consists of several separate clouds. These clouds appear in layers where the air is rising and get separated by layers between where the air is sinking.

They often shows up surrounding mountains like this. When the wind blows over a mountain, the air can be moving in waves for several kilometers afterwards. In the tops of these waves, the lenticular clouds are created.

Quite fascinating phenomena, isn’t it?

Congratulation Mount Fuji!

Last Saturday, the World heritage Committee of UNESCO inscribed Mount Fuji, Japans highest mountain, on the World Heritage List.

The World Heritage List includes properties that considers to have outstanding universal value.

Congratz Fuji-san! ^^