Two girls with the same name – Nana – bumps into each other on a train and become friends. Even though their names are identical, they have quite different personalities.

Oosaki Nana (played by Mika Nakashima) is a deeply troubled punkrock girl with a gorgeous voice who don’t seem to care about anything. Komatsu Nana on the other hand (played by Aoi Miyazaki) is a lighthearted well-mannered girl who moved to Tokyo just to be near her boyfriend who by some reason don’t seem to have any time for her…

Komatsu Nana and Oosaki Nana on the train.

Komatsu Nana and Oosaki Nana on the train.

Komatsu Nana realise that something bad once happened to Oosaki Nana and the movie takes us back to a time when she used to be happy and in love with the former guitarist of the band – Honjou Ren (played by Ryuhei Matsuda) – who looks like an asian Sid Vicious. ;p

Ken'ichi Matsuyama

Ken’ichi Matsuyama

Ken’ichi Matsuyama has a part in this movie too (I’ve mentioned him before in connection with the movies “Death Note”and “Don’t laugh at my romance”.

In “Nana”, Ken’ichi plays Okazaki Shinichi, the bassist in Oosaki Nana’s band “The Black Stones”. Ain’t he kawaii as a blond as well? –>

This movie was cute but no wow experience. It’s based on the anime with the same name and there’s a followup movie as well. I believe the best part was when “The Black Stones” performed with the song Glamorous Sky since I like that song and the girl has a really nice voice (and is cute). ^^ You should watch the performance HERE.

Maybe Nana is something for you? Take a look at this trailer:


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Don’t laugh at my romance

Well, as some of you know I got pretty fond of Ken’ichi Matsuyama while watching the “Death Note” movies. Ken’ichi plays the weird but charming detective “L”. So… I decided to see more films with this actor. The first one was “Don’t laugh at my romance” (“Hito no sekkusu o warauna”, 2007).

Ken’ichi plays Mirume, a young college student who falls in love with Yuri, a college professor. Mirume is only 19 years old, very naive and is easily seduced by the charming Yuri who is almost 40 years old and married. It all evolves to a quite complex romance with passion and jealousy.

 Mirume and Yuri

Mirume and Yuri

At first, I thought the movie was total crap! It’s very slow paced. Veeeeery slow paced. The majority of the scenes are drawned-out and event-less. There’s very few cuts which makes it all feel like a simple documentary time to time. I’m a person who loves to study faces, so I always get annoyed when there’s no close-ups in movies. Well, of course there were no close ups in this one.

I didn’t feel like there were any story of interest either. It was all so clumsy and amateurish. Many times I wondered how the heck the actors managed to act with such lack of acting.

The characters were boring, irritating and stupid. They acted childish, almost retarded. I got very annoyed by Yuri’s and En-chan’s extremely childish behaviour. (En-chan was a girl who had a crush on Mirume). If I would be a part of that movie, I would like to hit them. Seriously. I think Mirume was pretty lame and corny as well.

So I interrupted the movie after I’ve seen half of it and was pretty disappointed.

But it’s so strange… ’cause by some reason I just couldn’t stop thinking about the movie afterwards. Even though I didn’t like it, I had been put under its spell I guess… I can’t really explain.

So, I continued watching the other day and hated myself for it, ’cause that movie brought so many negative feelings inside of me; anguish, sorrow, frustration and so on. Mostly anguish I think. It was truly painful. I won’t tell you how it ended, but it was quite unsatisfactory and I felt mentally robbed. That movie got me fu**ing depressed!

So, even though my consciousness would like to reject it totally, another part of me fell in love and seems to endure the pain of a broken heart right now.

So.. I guess the movie was amazing.


The Death Note Movies

So, after watching the Death Note anime I followed up with the Death Note movies:

1. Death Note
2. Death Note – the last name
3. L – Change the world

Well, the third one doesn’t really belong to the main story of the Death Note, it’s more of a spin-out sequel about the character L. In the Death Note narrative, L is a legendary detective who decides to catch “Kira”, the person who kills people with the Death Note.

L (played by Kenichi Matsuyama) likes sweets. Not an ordinary detective... ^_-

L (played by Kenichi Matsuyama) likes sweets. Not an ordinary detective… ^_-

So, which is best. The anime or the movies?

I must say… the anime. Maybe ’cause I saw it first, but I believe it presented the whole story so much better. In comparison, the movies felt squeezed and a bit flat? That doesn’t mean that the movies were bad, no, I found them really entertaining and I recommend everyone to watch them. After all, the anime is ~14 hours all together. It can’t be that easy to narrow it down to 2 movies.

The anime and the movie ends in different ways though, which I first found a bit irritating. The director also more or less skipped the whole ending of the anime so characters as central as L was excluded. But then again, the story had to be reduced with 10 hours so I guess that was necessary.

I believe the narrative was much more complex in the anime than in the movies. In a way it was a bad thing since I sometimes got so confused so I found it hard to concentrate. But in another way, it felt more interesting.

Anyway, the most interesting characters were there and the actors did an amazing job. The leading character, Yagami Light, was played by Tatsuya Fujiwara. You’ve probably seen him as “the nice kid” in “Battle Royal”.

Tatsuya Fujiwara as Yagami Light, here in company with L and Misa Misa.

Tatsuya Fujiwara as Yagami Light, here in company with L and Misa Misa.

The story contains occult elements with shinigami’s – death gods – and as always when 3d models appear in movies, I start to criticize movements, lip synchronizing, texture, lightning and so on. But that’s just a bad habit from work. They were actually quite OK and after a while I got so hooked up by the story so I stopped thinking about it. I bought it. It was good!

Ryuk - a shinigami who loves apples.

Ryuk – a shinigami who loves apples.

And now, when anime and movies are consumed… I miss the characters, especially the cute and smart L, played by Ken’ichi Matsuyama (born 1985). I got so fascinated by this actor, so I’ve decided to see more movies with him. I think I’m gonna start with “Nana” or “Don’t laugh at my romance”.

Btw, if you also like Asian movies and need some tips then take a look at this blog: Asian Otaku.

Tonight, I’m gonna watch some horror! ^^

Only 20 days left to Japan trip… SUGOI!