Zook vocalist jumps from a plane!

Zook is a band that contains of several ex-LuLu members. “Attack futoshi”, the singer in Zook, used to be guitarist in LuLu (called Sayuki).

Here you can watch him skydive. I’ve done it myself, so I know it’s a crazy experience. ^^

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LuLu members in new band!

I was among those who got very sad when LuLu announced their indefinite hiatus.

But a bit strange things has happened. Sayuki, the guitarist who first left the band, did very soon form a new band called Zooc and they held their first live on May 4th.

And lo and behold, he’s not the only LuLu member in this band! There is also Yuki and Maatsun.

Sayuki used to be guitarist in LuLu, but now he’s the vocalist and calls himself attack futoshi (アタック・フトシ). Yuki calls himself YUKIO. The drummer comes from another band (Clockwise Planet).

attack futoshi (Zooc)

attack futoshi

YUKIO (Zooc)


ma-tsun (Zooc)


ki-chi (Zooc)


I wonder what LuLu’s vocalist is doing nowadays…

On August 13th, Zooc will release their very first single called “atarimae dayo jinsei wa” (当たり前だよ人生は). It will be interesting to hear!

Zooc official webpage

Zooc Line-up:
Vocal: attack futoshi (アタック・フトシ) (ex-Lilith, sadomaso, 666-SIX, LuLu (as sayuki))
Guitar: YUKIO (ex-LuLu (as yuki))
Bass: ma-tsun (まーつん) (ex-LuLu)
Drums: ki-chi (キーチ) (ex-Clockwise Planet)