YOSHIKI, KAMIJO, LOKA, NoGod, WagakkiBand… they will all be at Japan Expo!

More Japanese guests have been announced for Japan Expo in Paris that will be held 2 – 6th July this year:


Check out Japan Expo‘s webpage!

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Wagakki band at J-Pop News

Are you as me curious about Wagakki band? They have recently released a full album “Vocal Zanmai” and if you’re into jrock with Japanese ethnic sound, check it out!

Official webpage

And here is Wagakki band at J-Pop News!


wagakki bandAlbum: Vocal Zanmai

1. Tengaku
2. Setsuna Trip
3. Yoshiwara Lament
4. Kagerou Days
5. Nijiiro chouchou
6. Irohauta
7. Rokuchounen to ichiya monogatari
8.Tsuki Kage Mai Hana
9. Episode.0
10. Shinkai shoujo
11. Noushou sakuretsu GIRL
12. Senbonxakura

Japanese sound with the Wagakki band!

If you like ethnic Japanese sound fused with contemporary rock, this might be something for you.

The Wagakki Band consists of the singer Yuko Suzahana and seven musicians that plays drums, guitar, bass, tsugaru-jamisen (Japanese lute), koto (Japanese harp), shakuhachi (Japanese flute), and taiko (big Japanese drum).

This is a really nice song that might need some re-listenings for a westerner’s ear, but please give it a try.

This video is new. :-)