Day 6: Vistlip and the post office

I went to the post office this morning since the GazettE poster I bought at the concert didn’t fit my luggage and had to be shipped to Sweden.

I had some trouble first to get some help since no one seemed to speak English and I just couldn’t understand how to get a number in the queue-system since all buttons were titled in Japanese.

But eventually a very nice man came to my rescue and he was pretty good at English. He pointed on the poster-roll and asked: “Visual?”

I nodded and explained that I had been to a GazettE-concert the day before.

He seemed to know about GazettE and a number of other bands I name-dropped, like X-Japan, Luna Sea, Glay, L’arc~en~ciel etc.



He asked me if I had heard about Vistlip, and of course I had. He told me that his daughter’s boyfriend played in that band.

Cool! :-)

He also said that he like Swedish music like In Flames. ^^ It’s funny how many Japaneses who seem to know about In Flames…

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