Angry at New Nippon

Since I’ve had some money issues lately I decided to look up news, if any, at New Nippons webpage.

November the 25th I bought tickets to the Unsraw concert that was organized by New Nippon Productions.

The concert was supposed to take place February the 5th but a few days ahead New Nippon announced that the concert had been canceled and refunding issues would be handled the last week in February (this is also what is said on their webpage).

Ok, it’s been 33 days now and STILL no refunding!

I’ve been robbed of 640 crowns ($89) and I want them back!

I’ve mailed New Nippon but haven’t got any response even though it’s been weeks I mailed them the last time.

When I went to the mall today to see if refunding had been initiated, the cashier called Ticnet which in turn told us that there’s been a lot of problems with particularly this concert.

You’ve done it again New Nippon.

How do you think people will put any trust in your future events?

I’m very angry right now.

I feel robbed.

So sad and disappointed

There won’t be any Unsraw in February!

F*ckin New Nippon, I’ve lost all trust in you. :’-(

From New Nippon Productions

“Kära fans,

Det är med tungt hjärta vi har blivit tvungna att ställa in konserten med Unsraw i Feb i Stockholm.

Under vecka 4 kommer vi tillsammans med Ticnet att påbörja återbetalningsproceduren, köpta biljetter kommer att återbetalas. Information skickas via ticnet, om du köpt din biljett via en ATG/ticnet-butik, skicka mail till för info om återbetalningen.


New Nippon”

Unsraw tickets – finally mine

See ya in february guys!

Today they released the tickets and I was a bit eager as always – but quite pleased to finally get them. I’m so looking forward to see them live.

The members of Unsraw

The members of Unsraw

Jun who plays bass is unfortunately not a member of Unsraw any longer due to an injury from a motorcycle accident.

Yuki, the singer, had to withdraw from the band as well for a while, since he suffered from a lung disease, but now he’s back and hopefully fully recovered. <3

Venue: Klubben, Stockholm – Sweden
Date: February 5th 2010
Time: Doors open 18:30
Price: 320 SEK + service fee (Ticket starts on 25/11)
Agelimit: 13 years
Photoban: Yes, all cameras incl. mobile cameras

Buy tickets via & New Nippon Shop.

I hope they play my favorite song “Social Faker”.