Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” goes traditional Japanese

Wow, this is cool!

You know Lady Gaga right?

And you know hers and Beyoncé’s song “Telephone” right?

A Japanese duo called Team Kozan supports Lady Gaga with a really awesome and unique version of this song, in traditional Japanese style!

With old traditional Japanese instruments like the koto (Japanese harp) and the shakuhachi (Japanese flute), “Telephone” becomes something entirely new. Just listen!


The reason behind Team Kozan’s creation is this:

“Two years ago, after the terrible earthquake, we Japanese received a lot of support and encouragement from Lady Gaga. Now, we want to return the favor by supporting and encouraging Lady Gaga after her recent hip surgery. We hope she returns to performing soon.”

And if you by some reason would have missed the original Telephone, then here it is:

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