“I’m afraid I can’t stop this feeling every year.” /Sugizo

“The anniversary of the end of the Pacific War. However, even after 68 years have passed, the world can’t stop a war, a strife or a civil war. America just keeps increasing their presence as a military power. So stupid… I’m afraid I can’t stop this feeling every year. Beyond all the sufferings, I deeply wish everlasting peace and a society where no weapon is necessary will come true someday.

終戦記念日。けれど68年を経ても未だ世界は戦争、紛争、内乱を止めれず、米国は軍事大 国としての存在感を肥大させるばかり。愚かだ…。残念ながら毎年そう強く思わずにいられない。あらゆる苦難を乗り越えて、いつか恒久的平和が、武器を必要 としない社会が実現することを、心から願います。


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Pacific war (Wikipedia):

The Pacific War, sometimes called the Asia-Pacific War,[14] was the Pacific theatre of World War II, which was fought in the Pacific Ocean, its islands, and in East Asia. It includes the Pacific Ocean theatre, the South West Pacific theatre, the South-East Asian theatre, and the Second Sino-Japanese War (including the 1945 Soviet-Japanese conflict).