Jun’s style in Gotcharocka

I must have been blind and deaf lately, ’cause I have totally missed that Jun has abandoned his intense red/pink hair and adapted a less colorful visual style.

Jun used to play the guitar in the awesome visual kei band Phantasmagoria. They are still one of my number one favorites and I would love to see a reunion. But I guess that’s never gonna happen… (T . T)

Jun in Phantasmagoria

This is a picture from that era when Jun still was a member of the visual kei band Phantasmagoria.

Jun has also been guitarist and vocalist in the band Spiv States.  His red hair became intense pink.  Spiv States used to be good, but far away as good as Phantasmagoria.

Spiv States

Jun in the visual kei band Spiv States.

He had several looks in Spiv States and the following is my favorite! A combination of pink and blue! I wish I could dye my hair like that…

Jun in Spive States

Jun had a lovely combination of pink and blue hair when he was a member of Spive States.

Today, Jun is guitarist in Gotcharocka and I just stumbled upon their new PV “Virginity”.

Wow, his look is quite different! His visual look is tone downed. But I believe he looks great in this dark reddish brown as well. :-)

Jun in Gotcharocka

Jun in Gotcharocka.

“Virginity” is a catchy song but a little bit too “simple” for me. Nowadays I think a lot of j-rock sounds the same. But the video is nice and the singer looks good.  The story takes place in a Japanese maid café.

Take a look at Gotcharocka’s official website: Gotcharocka

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