In memory of hide #27

After the violation of hide’s grave, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to him; to honor his memory in times when others don’t. This is for all of you who loves hide.

Hideto hide Matsumoto

Hideto hide Matsumoto

I love to hear stories about hide by people who knew him in person. It kind of makes me feel like I know him myself a little better.

A year after hide’s death, Yoshiki* published the following story on a Japanese website, titled as “Memories of hide”. There’s no sadness or guilt in this story as in his interview in Fool’s Mate that I’ve posted earlier. No, this is very charming and funny memories of a very special person who used to be his best friend.

It’s wonderful reading! Enjoy!

*Yoshiki was the drummer and band-leader in X-Japan. He and hide were very close friends.



Memories of hide by Yoshiki

It has been a year already.

Ever since that day, I’ve been thinking about those countless memories I’ve shared with hide. I thought about them, remembered them, and talked to hide about them. At that time, these precious memories will make me ache whenever I think about them. However, maybe it’s because of the one year time, I find these things so warm in my memories. Talking and sharing about these things involving hide with his fans, a year ago, I’d never had thought it was possible. I’m still a little confused right now, and as of here, I’ll pick those happy memories.

I’ll think and try to tell everyone at the same time.

The first time I talked to hide, it was when he was still in Saber Tiger.

hide in Saber Tiger

hide in Saber Tiger

His band and X made this mix CD together, that was the first time I played drums for hide. Before that, I’ve seen a couple of hide’s performances, and thought:

“What unbelievable performance that was.”

However, when we talked for the first time, I’ve only thought: ‘His face looks totally different from when he was on stage.’

However, we only communicated to the minimum. The real talk started when X had a performance, and he came.
It was in some staircase, he said:

“I’m hide from Saber Tiger.”

I was shocked, and said:

“Eh? really?”

His face was different once again. *laughs*

However, when did we become really close? I really don’t remember. We became close friends unknowingly, and then, we started hanging out often. The first time hide and I performed together, I think it was probably on ‘Explosion’, at that time, I used to put fire in a pot. One day, the fire was too big, and the place was too small. All the audiences went out for safety, my face, hide’s face, everyone’s face was all black afterwards.

X-Japan live performance

X-Japan live performance

There are many mysteries revolving hide.

One mystery that still remains today is: for some unknown reason, hide would not like anyone see his top naked. When we were backstage, we usually hung out together, so how could we not see the top part? But, really, I’ve seen the bottom half, but really have never seen the top half. *laughs* He’s always changing secretively in a corner somewhere.

hide, do you have chest hair?”

Even though we were joking, but in a live, when Toshi would say ‘take it off’, hide would never take it off. He’d always say ‘take it off’, but he’d never do so himself. He really does follow his own rules. Even when we went swimming, he still has to wear a shirt. That scene is really weird and somewhat suspicious.

Pata & hide

Pata & hide

Talking about swimming, hide nearly drowned in my swimming pool at my LA house. *laughs*

hide was drunk and three roddy (some dude) into my swimming pool, and then, I threw hide into the swimming pool. My pool is actually quite deep.
And then, he would scream:

“I can’t reach the bottom… I can’t swim anymore…”

… and swim at the same time.
…. it was not really swimming, more like drowning….

Oh yes, also our ‘food fight’.

hide always thought that if we go to a really expensive, high class restaurant, then everything will taste good there. The most important part is, his taste buds are a bit off. Whose taste bud is actually correct? There was once a magazine that used this question and went into a ‘argument’ state. hide’s reasons was: if you mix together all these tasty food, then there’ had to be no reason for them not to taste good! Even if it was kidney and tofu mixed together, which are in no relevance to each other, he’d still say it tastes good.

I say:

“That’s really strange.”

For example, I like to eat pudding and sea urchin, but they definitely wouldn’t taste good mixed together. No matter how tasty the food is, if you eat it with something that doesn’t have any relevance to eachother, it won’t taste good.

hide backstage

hide backstage

Ah, but, after hide’s drunk, he wouldn’t know what he’d be eating, he’ll just eat everything and anything. So… in the end, we don’t know if hide is good at drinking or bad at drinking.
I think he wasn’t that good. He would get drunk easily and then start destroying.

But, I’m the only one that could stop hide.
I’d always get our manager’s call:

“Yoshiki, hide is going crazy again, please come over.”

Then, I’d go over to where hide’s drinking.


He would respond really quickly.


And then he’d stop and ask me.

“Ah, what did I do?”

Not only is his taste bad, but his eyes are bad too, he always said:

“I can’t drive in the night.”

When we were in X, hide and I were the only ones that could drive. When we were still Indies, hide and I took our turns driving. But, he can’t drive at night! But… when we’re travelling from place to place, it’s usually at night. Therefore, it was always me that drove, and we used to argue much over this topic. *laughs*

And then, there was this period of time where hide was crazy about his ‘hat’.

hide cared for his hat

hide cared for his hat

I don’t remember which concert, but after the live, we got back to our hotel, and the fire alarm went off.

“What happened?”

When I ran outside, hide was holding the fire extinguisher and yelling:

“My hat is missing!”

After that, I cared for hide’s hat like I would for a musical instrument. Before a live, I’d ask:

hide, is your hat with you?”

When we were in Shibuya once, I asked him:

“Where is your hat?”

“It’s here. Oh yeah, let’s make a song about hats.”

And then he started singing:

“My hat, it’s like this and like that…”

…and walked on at the same time.
Strange person.

That’s right, there’re endless things we could talk about. But if we continue like this, even a month wouldn’t be enough. But, out of everything, the most vivid memories are still the ones that hide and me, and the members and the fans all shared. The memories are too beautiful, that’s why it’s even sadder. But, they gave me today the strength to live on every single day.

To those fans that created all these memories with us, and of course hide as well…

Thank you, really, thank you. /Yoshiki

yoshiki & hide

Yoshiki & hide

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In memory of hide #19

After the violation of hide’s grave, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to him; to honor his memory in times when others don’t. This is for all of you who loves hide.

Following is an interview from January 1995 with hide and Kyo (from “Dies in Cries” & nowadays D’erlanger). hide was guitarist in X-Japan at that time. Once they played together in the band “Saver Tiger”.

hide in "Saver Tiger" and a modern picture of Kyo (D'erlanger)

hide in “Saver Tiger” and a modern picture of Kyo (D’erlanger)

I love this interview ’cause they seem to have so much fun. You can read the expression *smiles* 6 times and *laughs* 54 times!

You find the original translation here: Nopperabou

Kyo & hide

Kyo & hide

Has it been a while since you’ve last met up with Kyo-chan?

hide: This is the first time since he put out his solo album.

You mean [Ihoujin]? Did you give it a listen?

hide: Yeah. Even today, I was listening to it on my way here.

Kyo: He called me completely out of the blue. Here I was wondering what the hell he wanted and he goes, “Just thought I’d call to tell you I enjoyed your solo album”. Man, I was happy.

hide: But that’s cause I really did enjoy it! It shows your skill, you know. You’ve gotten good, Kyo-chan.

After all, he’s the vocalist who sold out the ‘2 days’ shows at Yokohama Arena *smiles*!

hide: And I’m damn proud of him *laughs*.

Kyo: And this is what I heard from our mutual voice trainer, Michiko-san. “Kyo-chan, if you could have started singing properly in Saver (Tiger. hide and Kyo’s ex-band that they had formed together), you would have, wouldn’t you.” That’s what she said *laughs*.

hide in Saver Tiger

hide in Saver Tiger

So you weren’t singing properly back then?

Kyo: I was screaming *laughs*. Cause the keys were so high that I could only manage if I shouted. I mean, most songs went about as high as [Sadistic].

hide: That’s X’s [Sadistic Desire] now. But back then we called it [Emotion].

Kyo: TOSHI ♪, he can sing Sadistic Desire~ so damn well. But I ♪ would belt out Sadistic Emoshoooooon!!! *laughs*

That’s real metal right there *smiles*.

Kyo: It’s metal alright *laughs*.

hide: I’m telling you, Kyo-chan’s MC’s were super vulgar *laughs*. “Hey you, are you even listening?! See that door behind you? Get the hell out of there, you asshole!” *laughs*

Are you in the Tokyo Yankees or something *laughs*

Kyo: But I did those kinds of MCs cause it made hide-chan happy *laughs*.

hide: Yet your current MCs haven’t changed at all, have they? “Ey! Thanks for coming to the Die In Cries show today, ey! The next song is, ey!” It’s fun trying to count how many times he’ll go, “ey!” *laughs*.

Kyo: He brings this up every single time we drink *laughs*.

hide: I used to have this running joke, “Today, a stingr-ey! And then, a flounder!” *laughs*

So you were pretty wild back then because you played metal?

Kyo: That’s not the case at all. I’d made it a rule to be stoic when I drank.


Kyo: But I used to chuck beer bottles at the Yokohama National Gymnasium a lot *laughs*.

You’re a hooligan alright, through and through *laughs*.

Kyo: I’ve even thrown a juice vending machine into the ocean *laughs*. Cause see, my dream at the time was to sink the Hikawa-maru (a ship moored in the Port of Yokohama).

hide: TETSU (presently of CRAZE) would often talk about it, you know?

Kyo: Now, at the time I still lived with my parents so I’d take me two hours to get to the rehearsals in Yokohama. *laughs*

hide: See, I decided on Yokohama cause it was midway *laughs*.

That’s what you call midway?! *laughs*

Kyo: The rehearsals would end in the middle of the night, right? There weren’t any trains so he’d bring me to Yokosuka instead. Then the next evening, I’d get a call from hide-chan asking if I’d go drinking with him. And then, when it’d be time for me to catch the last train, he’d go, “want to go to Moss Burger?” I wouldn’t want to go and yet somehow he’d keep me from going home. And he still does the exact same thing these days. It sucked. I’d barely make the last Keihin express going home, I’d be sitting in the train all alone for two hours. It was so lonely *laughs*.

hide: Yeah, I remember *smiles*.

Kyo: (Back in those days) whenever I’d stay over at hide-chan’s house it was so messy, he was so messy *laughs*. He had piles of magazines and records everywhere *laughs*.

hide: Had you followed my parents you would’ve seen right away that mine was the only messy room in there *smiles*.

Kyo: You know hide-chan’s mom would always make us eat so much. And she’d get mad at us if we couldn’t finish it all *laughs*.

hide: We had the body type that went with that behaviour in my family *laughs*. You’d get fattened up like geese for foie gras *laughs*.

But if I remember correctly, by then you didn’t eat much anymore hide-chan? Your mom must’ve been happy, wasn’t she? “Finally someone who can eat all of my food!”

Kyo: I guess *smiles*.

hide: And then, another reason why I brought Kyo-chan to Yokosuka was that with his gold hair, his head was like BAM! so I told him that here it’d be a waste to put it up. Because really, no one did that that in Yokosuka. 

Kyo: He was always telling me how I would create a stir, walking with my radio among the primitive locals *laughs*.

hide: Initially, Kyo-chan was recommended to me by a friend so I thought alright, let’s meet this guy, and set up a meeting by the ticket gates of the Keihin Express’ Yokosuka Chuo station. But you know, I got such a bad vibe from him that I almost ran the hell away from there *laughs*.

Kyo: Isn’t he horrible? Calling me all the way over to Yokosuka *laughs*.

It’s not like it was a phone club date or anything *laughs*.

hide: And then he came, looking like the Terminator *laughs*. ♪ Tattara~ta~ra~ tattara~ta~ra~ tattara~ta~ra~ tattarata~ (he sings music from the movie Apocalypse Now), with su~ch a huge head you know, wearing a red jacket like the one Michael Monroe has and jewellery jangling all over the place, he came, clomp, clomp, jangle, jangle *laughs*. I thought, it was like that FLATBACKER song, the one that goes ” ♪ and he jangles when he walks around town”, had been written about him *laughs*!

Kyo: See, back then I thought I looked like a Japanese Michael Monroe *laughs*.

hide: Didn’t that ignite a rivalry between you and G.D. FLICKERS’ J♂E-san? *laughs*

Kyo: I’d tell him stuff like, “You’re doing it wrong! You’re not there yet!” *laughs*

hide: Didn’t you wimp out after you saw an ad of his though?

Kyo: I thought, damn! He actually made it *laughs*!

So if Kyo-chan was Michael Monroe then who were you, hide-chan?

hide: I was a mishmash of different people. Blackie Lawless among others, he was somewhere in there.

Kyo: And Captain Herlock.

That’s from an anime, isn’t it? *laughs*

Kyo: And yet he was in there *laughs*!

hide: And Ranmaru, because I used to like him.

Kyo: Right, Ranmaru was in there too. And yet you fit in, walking around Kichijoji like that.

You could also call it the Mandala style *smiles*.

hide: Because the patterns I wore were Indian.

So your Bindi dot is a remnant of that style?

hide: Not quite right. Mine’s from Chinatown, it’s more of a pseudo-Hindu thing. Oh, and speaking of which, you know Kyo-chan used to grow out the nail on his pinky finger. I thought cool! …and then I saw him using it to pick snot from his nose *laughs*.

Kyo: Well it was handy *laughs*. It’s alright, you can print that *laughs*.

hide: You don’t grow it out anymore, do you?

Kyo: I do just a little bit. But it won’t be long anymore by the time you print this~ *laughs*! But, when I think about it now, back in the day we must have looked terrifying to anyone who saw us, walking around Yokosuka’s shopping strip *laughs*.

hide: And while doing all of that I eventually ended up in Tokyo, crashing at this girl’s place *laughs*.

Kyo: And all of a sudden rehearsals were in Tokyo *laughs*.

Man, what a selfish guy *laughs*.

hide: Still, I really was in a tight spot. I’d do the rehearsal and drive home, and by home I mean XXXX (it’s somewhere in Tokyo), right. You know the place, Kato-chan. And then I’d get up at 5am to drive all the way to the bar in Yokosuka.

Kyo: We’d still go out together a lot, even though Saver ceased to exist after hide-chan came to Tokyo. And I’d bring girls over whenever I could. Oh yeah, right, this one time I was on my way to hide’s place with a girl when I decided to go to a love hotel with her, and when I started looking for one I ran into PATA right in front of the station *laughs*. It was bad, I actually asked him if he didn’t know of a hotel in the area *laughs*.

hide: XXXX was becoming more and more of a rock zone then, wasn’t it. I was there, Kyo-chan and TETSU were there as well, and we’d call ZI:KILL over. By now enough time has passed that I can tell you that when Kyo-chan broke his hip it was in the park across from my place.

Kyo: The year before I debuted in D’ERLANGER, I was in the park across from hide-chan’s place drinking beer and setting of fireworks, that’s when I broke my hip and spent a month in the hospital.
hide: Wasn’t it because you fell from a tree? *laughs* GEESS, the vocalist from this band called Dementia, was chasing Kyo-chan with a firework. And then Kyo-chan climbed high up a tree and came crashing down *laughs*. And off to the emergency room he went *laughs*.

Kyo: I went to that emergency room as Matsumoto Hideto (hide’s name) *laughs*.

hide: That’s cause you borrowed my insurance card *laughs*.

Kyo: At first I thought I had sprained my lower back or something. But when the doctor told me that I’d have to be admitted to the hospital I realized I couldn’t do it as Matsumoto Hideto, and went home to my parents *laughs*.

hide: You can go ahead and print that since the statue of limitations has already expired *laughs*.

In memory of hide #2

After the violation of hide’s grave, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to him; to honor his memory in times when others don’t. This is for all of you who loves hide.

Hideto hide Matusomoto

Hideto hide Matusomoto

Some basic, curious and sad  facts:

hide was born December 19th 1964 in Kanagawa, Yokosuke Japan.

hide’s blood-type was AB. According to Japanese beliefs, the blood-type tells a persons character.

hide played the guitar, composed music and sang, among else.

hides interest for rock music started at age 15 when he discovered the rock band Kiss.



At age of 15, he got his first guitar; a gift from his grandmother. It was a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe.

hide was overweight as a child and got a tough childhood. Unfortunately he got teased in school, became a “trouble-maker” and got expelled.

A young Hideto hide Matusomoto

A young Hideto hide Matusomoto

hide formed the band called “Saber Tiger” in high school 1981 where it got banned.

1986, the band was renamed to “Saver Tiger”.

Saver Tiger

Saver Tiger

1987, hide got tired of all changes of band-members and decided to end the band. Vocalist Kyo and drummer Tetsu continued to the band D’erlanger.

hide studied cosmetology and fashion at the Hollywood Beauty Salon in Roppongi Hills 1983.

1984, hide took a nationwide examination and obtained a beautician license.

hide joined X-Japan in February 1987. At that time the band was only named “X”.

hide became the lead guitarist and occasional songwriter in X-Japan.

In 1988, hide and the rest of the X-Japan members appeared in the American film called Tokyo Pop.

Rumors says that hide holds the world record in throwing a TV from a hotel room the longest distance. (Was he really that strong….? O_o)

It’s said that hide and Yoshiki have been designated among the top 5 celebrities who have done most damage in a hotel room in one night at that time. The damage cost $60000 in total.

hide & Yoshiki

hide & Yoshiki

In 1993 hide starred in the forty-three-minute art film Seth et Holth with Tusk. The film was a a mixture of the biblical story of Adam and Eve and Egyptian mythology (more info about this movie will come in a another post).

Seth et Holth

Seth et Holth

1997, X-Japan announced that they would disband. Only hide kept his visual kei aesthetics when starting his solo-career.

hide recorded the song “Frozen Bug” with Inoran an J from Luna Sea , year 1993, under the band name M*A*S*S.




hide established his own record label LEMONed Plant. LEMONed means “defective goods” and points at things that are different from the norm and is accidentally produced (and rare) in the mass production of goods.

After X-Japan’s disbanding, hide made a solo project with Spread Beaver.

hide with Spread Beaver

hide with Spread Beaver

Eventually hide formed the band Zilch.



hide had a younger brother named Hiroshi who was his chauffeur and manager.

Yoshiki claimed that hide never showed his bare chest. Ever. The only video I can think about is “Electric cucumber”. Many asks what might be the reason behind this.

hide’s nickname is Pink Spider, which is the title of one of his songs and that he performed the day before his death. Some thinks that the pink spider in the lyrics is a metaphor for himself and his wish to escape this world.

hide said that he had a girlfriend in a TV interview on May 1, 1998, the day before his death.

hide died May 2nd 1998 in his apartment in Tokyo. He was 33 years old. Some thinks that he committed suicide. Other thinks that it was an accident.

hide’s grave is located at Miura Reien in Miura City, Kanagawa.

Within one week of hide’s death, three fans had died in “copycat suicides”.

Nearly 60 people who attended at hides funeral got hospitalized and 200 needed medical treatment in first aid tents.

After hide’s death, the prime minister of Japan established a memorial museum (2000). It was unfortunately closed on September 25, 2005. (More info will be added in a another post)

The hide museum

The hide museum

After hide’s death, his younger brother Hiroshi was the one to throw hide’s ashes with a bottle of wine in the Santa Monica Bay.

Hiroshi sued Yoshiki in 2010 since they had used hide’s image in X-Japan.

hide was friend with Marilyn Manson and Manson performed at his tribute concert after hide’s death.

hide and Marilyn Manson

hide and Marilyn Manson

Here comes a fan-video of Seth et Holth that I like. (In other words – you get a sneak peak of the movie already). The choice of music might seem a little bit misplaced, but I believe it’s very well done. Enjoy!

Seth et Holth fan video