The legends parade

One of my absolute favorite bands will release a DVD; a DVD showing video material from their very own festival. Yes, I’m talking about Buck-Tick.

The legends! (◑‿◐)
The pioneers!
The veterans!  
The musical geniuses!

(I hope you get the point – I like Buck-Tick very very much….) *sprinkling black flowers*

The DVD is called “BUCK-TICK FEST 2012 ON PARADE”, just like the event itself. It seems like it will be available February 20th (today).

Some artists on this DVD are not among us anymore.
Rest in peace, K.



Back in 2007, Buck-Tick celebrated their 20th anniversary by launching their very first rock festival “Buck-Tick Fest 2007 On Parade”. Buck-Tick are true veterans within the Visual Kei industry and have been active since the early 80s. They are living legends with 20 studio albums and 32 singles released over the years.

Ruling the stage for a quarter-century, they have all means in the world to celebrate. I don’t remember where I read it, but this guy described it so well. Instead of celebrating their fantastic success by sunbathing in glory and focus on themselves; they establish a forum for other bands to celebrate and shine with them. “BUCK-TICK FEST 2012 ON PARADE”

Artists performing was:
Acid Android
The Lowbrows
Buck Tick (first appearance)
N’shukugawa Boys
Pay Money To My Pain (As you might now, the singer – K – died in January this year.)
D’ERLANGER (As legendary as Buck-Tick and probably draw as much fans as Buck-Tick themselves. D’erlanger had brought their own guests: Miyako Keiichi, keyboardist of Sophia and Die from Dir En Grey.
Buck Tick (second appearance)

Festival information


I will probably post some olden goldies on this blog now and then (old  – but still great – music that shouldn’t be missed out by visual kei fans that recently discovered this genre). Buck-Tick will definitely be one of them.

Atsushi Sakurai’s voice is very very special – yes, one of these voices that you never forget. You just need to hear a single tune and you think “Atsushi Sakurai!” and “Buck-Tick”.
Oh, what wouldn’t I do to see them perform live…

Atsushi Sakurai

Atsushi Sakurai

O Buck-Tick,
wherefore art thou Buck-Tick?

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