The Morita brothers

Sometimes I simply hate a song the first time I hear it. But after a while, I  successively start to like it.
It happens all the time, and hence my motto is to give all music a second chance, ’cause I can’t trust my very first impression. I think that dilemma concerns a lot of people.

This “dislike and like switch” happened to me with the song  “Deeper Deeper” with ONE OK ROCK. I found the group too “un-visual” and the sound and singing too “un-japanese“. And his hairstyle in the video is hideously ugly. ^_-

But after a while, yeah, I noticed that I actually picked that song frequently on my iPod and had to admit that I liked it.

Recently I got to know that Taka Morita (the vocalist in ONE OK ROCK has a little brother: Hiro Morita, and he is vocalist in the band “My first story“.

Taka and Hiro Morita

Taka and Hiro Morita

My first reaction was: “He sounds too much like Taka.” and “He’s a child (born 1994) and have a childish voice.

But then I watched their live performance of  “The reason” and realized that I liked to hear it. It’s actually very nice!

I hope all of you out there gives artists and songs a second chance. Some things simply have to “sink in” and what we initially despise might turn into something we love. Somehow we need to push through that filter of prejudices, habits and pride.

Another motto of mine: if music makes your heart sing, it doesn’t matter who’s made it or what genre it is. Love music, embrace it and accept it. ^^ <3