Moi dix Mois comes to Russia!

Moi dix Mois will play at the Russian festival KUBANA (14th – 19th August)!


Moi dix Mois KUBANA


Band: Moi dix Mois
Formed: 2002


Vocal: Seth  (Moi dix Mois)

Guitar & vocal: K (Moi dix Mois)

Guitar, keyboards and programming: Mana (Moi dix Mois)

Bass: Sugiya (Moi dix Mois)

Drums: Hayato (Moi dix Mois)

Guitar & vocal:
Guitar, keyboards
and programming:

Moi dix Mois Official Webpage

Other posts about Moi dix Mois on my blog:
Moi dix Mois

Date of birth:
Seth: ?
K: Feb 6th
Mana: March 19th
Sugiya: Nov 7th
Hayato: Nov 13th

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Happy birthday Mana-sama

In Stockholm it’s Mars 18th 04.00PM at the moment, but – if I’m not mistaken – in Tokyo it’s Mars 19th at this very moment. So in other words…

today is the birthday of one of the most influential artists of the visual kei movement:

Happy birthday Mana!



Mana is a composter, guitar-player and designer – among else.

Mana’s first known bands were Girl’e (1989-1990) and Matenrou (1990-1992). Girl’e was more of a punk band than a gothic band.

Back in 1992, Mana founded the band Malice Mizer that during its existence swapped singers. One of those was Gackt.

2001, Malice Mizer was put on hiatus to many fans’ disappointment.

Malice Mizer

Malice Mizer

But we didn’t have to wait long before Mana entered the stage again. On his very own birthday 2002, Mana announced the foundation of his solo project Moi dix Mois which is still active. Moi dix Mois’s first singer was Juka.

Moi dix Mois

Moi dix Mois

Mana is a multi-talent and composes all of Moi dix Mois’ music, writes the lyrics, produces, directs and designs the project members’ stage costumes.

Mana has also founded his own gothic fashion label calles “Moi-même-Moitié”. You can visit the shop at following link: Moi-même-Moitié

And if you don’t understand Japanese, you probably rather visit the store at CDJapan: Moi-même-Moitié at CDJapan


Mana’s year of birth is unclear, but some sources says that he was born 1969. In that case; Mana turns 44 today!

Moi dix Mois means – directly translated from French – “me ten months”. It might sound very strange and like an expression randomly picked by a Japanese ‘cause he thinks that it sounds cool. But Mana is not that simple.

There IS a meaning behind the name. Since Moi dix Mois is Mana’s first solo project, the symbolism behind “moi” – which means “me” – is not that hard to interpret. Dix – that means “ten” – has several hidden meanings. Number ten – 10 – is written with a “1” and a “0”. 1 stands for the beginning for something, and 0, the number with no beginning and no end (since it’s a circle), symbolizes eternity. 10 “lunar months” is also the average time that a baby grows inside the mother’s womb .

It’s very rare that Mana speaks in public. In some interviews, Mana whispers his answers in another band-members ears who speaks in his place. Like in this video:

Sometimes he simply uses cards which says either “yes” or “no”.
You can hear Mana’s voice in the song “Kyomu no Naka de no Yuugi”, but it’s heavily distorted.

Mana is a mysterious and talented man, no doubt.

So I say it again: Happy birthday Mana!

Mana’s official website
Mana’s official blog

Mana without /with less makeup

Mana without /with less makeup

Mana & Kamijo (Versailles)

Mana & Kamijo (Versailles)