Members from LM.C, Gremlins and Baroque have started a session band!

Members from LM.C, Gremlins and Baroque has started a session band called The SURVIVORZ ’14!

Aiji (LM.C)
maya (LM.C)
Hitsugi (GREMLINS)

They will perform three lives during July.


PIERROT is back!

Ain’t it lovely when things like this happens?

PIERROT was formed back in 1998 but disbanded in 2006. To all fans delight, they are now BACK!
If you missed PIERROT you may know them from their current bands: Angelo, LM.C and ALvino

PIERROT Official Webpage
PIERROT Official Twitter

Vocals: Kirito / Murata Shinya (Angelo)
Guitar:  Aiji / Mizui Shinji (LM.C)
Guitar: Jun / Yamaura Jun’ichi (ALvino)
Bass: KOHTA / Murata Kohta (Angelo)
Drums: TAKEO / Ishikawa Takeo (Angelo)