Happy Birhtday ka-yu!

Happy Birhtday ka-yu, bassist of ex-Janne De Arc!

bassist of ex-Janne De Arc


Band: Janne De Arc
Formed: 1996
Status: On hiatus since 2007


Vocals: yasu (Janne De Arc) Guitar: you (Janne De Arc) Bass: ka-yu (Janne De Arc) Keyboard: kiyo  (Janne De Arc) Drums: shuji (Janne De Arc)
Vocals: yasu Guitar: you Bass: ka-yu Keyboard: kiyo Drums: shuji

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Janne De Arc

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Bloodtype Birthday
yasu: A yasu: Jan 27th
you: O you: July 24th
ka-yu: A ka-yu: Jan 21st
kiyo: A kiyo: June 27th
shuji: O shuji: Now 21st
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Energetic performance with Golden Bomber together with members from DELUHI and Janne Da Arc

This is lovely to see! I just want to jump up and down to the beat, shake my head and shout with Shou.

It’s a great performance of the song “The V-Kei Ppoi Kyoku” and they have some GUEST MUSICIANS:

Guitar: Leda from DELUHI
Bass: Shuse
Drums: Shuji ex Janne Da Arc

And I didn’t know that Shou could play the violin! <3


Band: Golden Bomber
Formed: 2004


Vocal: Kiryuuin Shou (鬼龍院 翔) (Golden Bomber) Guitar: Kyan Yutaka (喜矢武 豊) (Golden Bomber) Bass: Utahiroba Jun (歌広場 淳) (Golden Bomber) Drums: Darubisshu Kenji (樽美酒 研二) (Golden Bomber)
Kiryuuin Shou
(鬼龍院 翔)
Kyan Yutaka
(喜矢武 豊)
Utahiroba Jun
(歌広場 淳)
Darubisshu Kenji
(樽美酒 研二)

Golden Bomber Official Webpage

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Golden Bomber

Blog Twitter Bloodtype Birthday
Shou Shou Shou: B Shou: June 20th
Yutaka Yutaka Yutaka: B Yutaka: Mars 15th
Jun Jun Jun: O Jun: Aug 30th
Kenji Kenji: A Kenji: Now 28th