Gossip – a very interesting band!

There’s a new band that truly has caught my interest: Gossip. Maybe they will be my new “VelBet”. ^^



Gossip’s first demo-single “Psycho-pas$” will be released on September 3rd and their first single “Sentimental na Psycho Yarou” (セン恥メンタルなサイコ野郎) will be released on December 17th!

On March 11th 2015, they will release their first mini-album “Demodori Kichiku Psycho Yarou (Saihan)” (出戻り鬼畜サイコ野郎(再犯)).


Vocalist Saku (Gossip)

Vocalist Saku

 Guitarist Akane  (Gossip)

Guitarist Akane

Guitarist Satsuki  (Gossip)

Guitarist Satsuki

Bassist Zero  (Gossip)

Bassist Zero

Drummer Hayate  (Gossip)

Drummer Hayate