I’ve been listening to a lot to GPKISM lately. The song Illuminatum seemed to harmonize all elements in the world; the raindrops, the wet asphalt, the wind, my umbrella and me.

This is GPK, the singer in GPKISM (Yes, it's a male... duh).

This is GPK, the singer in GPKISM (Yes, it’s a male… duh).

First I tried to google for an image by solely writing “GPK” in the search field. But what do you think I got as result…? I think you should try it yourself. If you were young during the middle of the 80s, you might remembers these nasty, provoking (but yet very funny) cards… ^_-

“GPKISM is the manifestation of baroque essence fused with electro/industrial sound, creating a unique world both decadent and sublime.”

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