“Now she is under the ground”

This song – “Alice” – by FEAR FROM THE HATE is pretty new. The single was released August 2nd this year.



At first I was confident that I wouldn’t post this song on my blog, since my policy is to only post things that genuinely interests me…. That’s why this is a personal blog and not a usual jrock news blog. If I recommend a song, I do it because I like it and think that other people with the same taste as me might consider following this blog and appreciate my posts.

Anyway, this song confuses me. Even though I since the beginning really disliked it, something made me keep listening to it. To me, this is really really bad – and at the same time really good.

I like the intro. It makes me curious. But then Yoshiyuki starts to sing… I don’t like the verses. Especially not in the beginning. I simply don’t like his voice and the way he sings: “Alice is there anything you want to do? Alice is there anything you need?”

*gets chills of discomfort*

But then it gets successively better. At 1.03 there is some shouting I like.

And then comes the refrain (1.22) and after I’ve been listening to it a couple of times I really start to like it! I really like the extra tempo and power when he sings “Now she is under the ground”.

And then there is some really lovely screaming at 2.00 that truly lifts this song.

So confusing.

Give it a try you too!

Bass : 村上宗平 – Sohei Murakami
Vocals : 小島慶之 – Yoshiyuki Kojima
Guitars & Prog : 河原耕一 – Kouichi Kawahara

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