Best of Called≠Plan

Some bands simply shouldn’t be allowed to disband and In think Called≠Plan is one of them. *sigh* I’m gonna miss them! :-(



But there’s one thing left to enjoy and that’s their “Best of” album titled “BLAST BEAT BEST that can be ordered via Planet CHILD Music official webshop (from May 5th to May 31st).

1- SE
2- Cherry Boy&Girl
3- Crazy Cat
4- やんちゃ69 (Yancha 69)
5- アナタノ青春わしづかみ (Anata no seishun washizukami)
6- What’s up
8- 横顔 (Yokogao)
9- 陽のかけら触れる場所まで (Hi no kakera fureru basho made)
10- see you next after me
11- ヨゾライオン (Yozo-lion)
12- 君PIECE (Kimi PIECE)
13- dance→wing
14- コンプリート (Complete)
15- Immortal
16- オニキス (Onyx)

This is one of my personal favorites (how come it’s not on the album!):

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So what do you think…

… about Called≠Plan’s latest singles “R” and “L”?

Singles "R" & "L"

Singles “R” & “L”

They have actually been on repeat on my iPod lately… I’m very pleased with my purchase… they were definitively worth the money.

So in other words; Called≠Plan has been put on my “bands-I-must-see-live”-list. ^^

The band was formed 2009 and so far they have released 1 mini-album, 7 maxi-singles and 4 singles.

Look 2012




Look 2013



The members

Yuuto (vocals)
Otoha (guitarist)
Rei (guitarist)
Syu (bassist)
Minoru (drummer)

According to me, the songs “L” (single “L”) and “She is” (single “R) are the best.  I love the heavy and sometimes a bit “punk’ish” sound and I absolutely adore Yuuto’s voice. His screams and growls are perfect.

She is

“She is” starts with distinct guitar riffs that puts you in the mood right away (the mood for rock’n’roll ^_-), followed by a powerful scream from Yuuto. In typical jrock style, it’s disrupted by a beautiful guitar solo before the guys start to roar in turns with Yuuto. The chorus is melodic. It’s nice, but actually the only thing that gives this song a lower score from me. It’s a liiiiiittle bit to simple.

I love when Yuuto says – a bit draggy – “Oooooh, yeaaaaah….”

Well, why don’t listen yourself?



In conformity with “She is”, Yuuto’s singing in “L” is responded by the other guys’ roars, but in contrast to “She is”, “L” has a wonderful, melodic chorus.  The rhythm is speedy, the sound is heavy and… yes, if you like jrock screams – just like me – you will love this song!

“L” music video:

Now and then when the other guys in the band back up with shouting, the music reminds me of the GazettE. The GazettE is of course 100 times better than Called≠Plan (says I since the GazettE is number one for me), but still. I like it. A lot! I wonder what how they are live…


NO Yancha!! NO Life!! (07.03.2012)

IMAGE PLAN (10.11.2009)
Quantum Leap (05.04.2010)
Radical, Cherry Boy&Girl (10.11.2010)
Anata no seishun washizukami (23.03.2011)
Yozo-Lion (11.07.2012)
L (23.01.2013)
R (21.01.2013)

Carnival King (01.06.2011)
Crazy Cat (05.10.2011)
Yozoraion (11.07.2012)
Complete (08.09.2012)