Happiness with Black Klaxon (Full PV)

Happiness with Black Klaxon


Band: Black Klaxon
Formed: 2011


Vocals: Rey (澪) Guitar: Yukky Guitar: K.O.H Bass: Kouya (コーヤ) Drums: Masahide (雅秀)
Rey (澪)
(Leaves Dec 20th)
Kouya (コーヤ)
Masahide (雅秀)

Black Klaxon Official Webpage
Black Klaxon Official Youtube Channel

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Black Klaxon

Blog Twitter Bloodtype Birthday
Rey Rey Rey: B Rey: Feb 4th
Yukky Yukky Yukky: A Yukky: Jan 17th
K.O.H K.O.H K.O.H: A K.O.H: April 5th
Kouya Kouya Kouya: A Kouya: Dec 8th
Masahide Masahide: O Masahide: Dec 7th
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Black Klaxon’s guitarist – Yukky – will leave the band

Sad news for Black Klaxon – and maybe first of all – Yukky fans: the guitarist has decided to leave the band. No detailed information behind the decision has been communicated to the fans, only that it has to do with personal reasons.

As far as I understand, Black Klaxon will continue their activity without Yukky.

Let’s wish both Yukky and Black Klaxon the best!

If you want to see Yukky perform in Black Klaxon, you still got your chance. Yukky’s last performance with the band will be on their oneman live at Nagoya ell.SIZE  on December 20th.