This looks interesting…

We know that Hitsugi (plays guitar in Nightmare) can sing since his “D.O.D. [Drink or die]” contribution to the “hide TRIBUTE II -Visual SPIRITS-” album. (Well, at least I didn’t know before that…)

And now he has actually started his first solo project…


At the moment, the band consists of Hitsugi and KENZO (ex. AYABIE).

Mizuki (guitar, Sadie)
Chiyu (bass, SuG)

Interesting, interesting… Let’s see what they have come up with on Ocobter 16th when they release their first single “Carnival“!

GREMLINS (Hitsugi and KENZO)

GREMLINS (Hitsugi and KENZO)



Welcome Taito! + nostalgia

AYABIE was actually one of the first jrock bands that I got really attached to. Back then, their name was “Ayabie” not “AYABIE” (only capital letters).

Why this? Well, in 2010, Kenzo, Intetsu, Yumehito and Takehito chose to leave the band ’cause they didn’t like where the band was going. Maybe a strange choice when the band had become so successful… but I do understand.

Anyway, these four ex-members were the one to create the new AYABIE. The old member Aoi decided to do a solo career.



So, the road has been a bit bumpy, but 2 months ago they announced the end of their hiatus and recently they announced that there will be a fifth official member: Taito. He will be playing the keyboard.

If I’m not mistaken, they will – as a full band – be back on track as a five-member team Mars 19th.

So… welcome Taito!

Taito (keyboard) - AYABIE

Taito (keyboard) – AYABIE

Members of AYABIE
Vocals: Yumehito
Guitar: Takehito
Bass: Intetsu
Drums: Kenzo

My personal favorite songs by Ayabie/AYABIE:

AYABIE official site
AYABIE on Facebook