Over The L’Arc~en~ciel (Upcoming documentary)

L’Arc~en~Ciel will release a documentary titled “Over The L’Arc~en~Ciel” this winter. It will be shown in Japanese theaters for 8 days, starting from the 5th of December.

Check out the website here: Over The L’Arc~en~ciel

The documentary shows clips from L’Arc~en~Ciel’s World Tour 2012:

During the tour, L’Arc~en~ciel visited following cities:
2012.3.03 Hong Kong, China
2012.3.07 Bangkok, Thailand
2012.3.10 Shanghai, China
2012.3.17 Taipei, Taiwan
2012.3.25 New York, USA
2012.4.11 London, UK
2012.4.14 Paris, France
2012.4.28 Singapore, Singapore
2012.5.02 Jakarta, Indonesia
2012.5.05 Seoul, Korea
2012.5.12 Yokohama, Japan
2012.5.13 Yokohama, Japan
2012.5.19 Osaka, Japan
2012.5.20 Osaka, Japan
2012.5.26 Tokyo, Japan
2012.5.27 Tokyo, Japan
2012.5.31 Honolulu, USA
2012.6.01 Honolulu, USA

The documentary also contains backstage scenes and other special moments.

Over The L’Arc~en~Ciel
Japanese Theaters Nationwide

Advance Ticket: 2000yen
(Sale starts on 2014.10.25)
On-the-spot Tickets: 2500yen
Limited Edition Ticket:

- Comes with 4 “skeleton” tickets and special case holder
– Available for purchase starting from November in theaters

Over The L'Arc~en~ciel


Band: L’arc~en~ciel
Formed: 1991


Vocal: Hyde (L'arc~en~ciel) Guitar: Ken (L'arc~en~ciel) Bass: Tetsuya (L'arc~en~ciel) Drums: Yukihiro (L'arc~en~ciel)
Vocal: Hyde
(Hideto Takarai)
(寶井 秀人)
Guitar: Ken Bass: Tetsu
Drums: Yukihiro

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Bloodtype Birthday
Hyde: ? Hyde: Jan 29th 1969
Ken: AB Ken: Nov 28th 1968
Tetsuya: A Tetsuya: Oct 3rd 1969
Yukihiro: A Yukihiro: Nov 24th 1968

News concerning the GazettE × WALKMAN!

Message from the GazettE Official

【the GazettE × WALKMAN®】

We are finally launching the collaboration model in UK, France, and Germany exclusively at Sony Store online from 22nd !

Not only engraving our logo on the back of Walkman, we’ll be also pre-installing premium member photos ,original music video ‘Last Heaven’, and our songs ‘Inside Beast’ and ‘Fadeless’ in high-resolution audio!

The details will be unveiled tomorrow 22nd 9am.

【the GazettE × WALKMAN®】


Original MV「LAST HEAVEN」やハイレゾ音源「INSIDE BEAST」「FADELESS」、さらにPremium Member Photoをプリインストール。

詳細は明日 22日(水)9時頃(現地時間)ご案内予定。

the GazettE × WALKMAN


Band: the GazettE
Formed: 2002


Vocal: Ruki (the GazettE)

Guitar: Aoi (the GazettE)

Guitar: Uruha (the GazettE)

Bass: Reita (the GazettE)

Drums: Kai (the GazettE)

Vocal: Ruki Guitar: Aoi Guitar: Uruha Bass: Reita Drums: Kai


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The GazettE (ガゼット)

Twitter Fanmail Bloodtypes Birthday
Ruki Ruki Ruki: B Ruki: FEB 1st
Aoi Aoi Aoi: A Aoi: JAN 20th
Uruha Uruha: O Uruha: JUN 9th
Reita Reita Reita: A Reita: MAY 27th
Kai Kai: B Kai: OCT 28th

yo-ka (DIAURA) on the cover of latest Cure magazine!

yo-ka (DIAURA) on the cover of latest Cure magazine!


Formed: 2010


Vocal: yo-ka (DIAURA)

Guitar: Kei (DIAURA)

Bass: Shoya (DIAURA)

Drums: Tatsuya (DIAURA)

Kei (佳衣)
Shoya (翔也)
Tatsuya (達也)

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yo-ka yo-ka  yo-ka: A yo-ka: Oct 31st
Kei Kei Kei: O Kei: Feb 7th
Shoya Shoya Shoya: B Shoya: Jan 31st
Tatsuya Tatsuya Tatsuya: A Tatsuya: March 28th