Secret Eden with Scarlet Valse (PV preview)

Secret Eden with Scarlet Valse

Secret Eden with Scarlet Valse


Band: Scarlet Valse
Formed: 2011


Vocal: Kakeru Guitar: You. Guitar: Jun Bass: Takuya Drums: Hiroki
Vocal: Kakeru Guitar: You Guitar: Jun Bass: Takuya Drums: Hiroki

Scarlet Valse Official Webpage
Scarlet Valse Official MySpace
Scarlet Valse Official YouTube Channel

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Scarlet Valse

Blog Fan-mail Bloodtype Birthday
Kakeru Kakeru Kakeru: AB Kakeru: July 12th
You You You: O You: Jan 21st
Jun Jun Jun: B Jun: Dec 15th
Takuya Takuya Takuya: AB Takuya: Oct 25th
Hiroki Hiroki Hiroki: A Hiroki: May 3rd
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Shou pours a bucket of… something… over his head. His own version of the “Ice Bucket Challenge”?

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a campaign that has gone viral lately. The purpose behind it is to make people aware of the disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Participants let themselves be filmed while having a bucket of ice water poured on themselves, and then they challenge others to do the same.

Now it seem like Shou, vocalist in Golden Bomber, has taken on the challenge, but… is that really water?

Shou | golden Bomber | Ice Bucket Challenge


Band: Golden Bomber
Formed: 2004


Vocal: Kiryuuin Shou (鬼龍院 翔) (Golden Bomber) Guitar: Kyan Yutaka (喜矢武 豊) (Golden Bomber) Bass: Utahiroba Jun (歌広場 淳) (Golden Bomber) Drums: Darubisshu Kenji (樽美酒 研二) (Golden Bomber)
Kiryuuin Shou
(鬼龍院 翔)
Kyan Yutaka
(喜矢武 豊)
Utahiroba Jun
(歌広場 淳)
Darubisshu Kenji
(樽美酒 研二)

Golden Bomber Official Webpage

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Golden Bomber

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Shou Shou Shou: B Shou: June 20th
Yutaka Yutaka Yutaka: B Yutaka: March 15th
Jun Jun Jun: O Jun: Aug 30th
Kenji Kenji: A Kenji: Nov 28th

Jupiter – TOUR -2014- “ARCADIA” (spot)

Jupiter TOUR -2014- 「ARCADIA」

Sat 30 Aug – PALOOZA, Kashiwa
Sun 31 Aug – HEAVEN’S ROCK VJ-1, Kumagaya
Sat 06 Sep – HEAVEN’S ROCK VJ-3, SaitamaShintoshin
Sun 07 Sep – NEW SIDE BEACH!!, ShinYokohama
Sat 13 Sep – AKASO, Osaka
Mon 15 Sep – IMAGE, Okayama
Wed 17 Sep – DRUM Be-1, Fukuoka
Sat 20 Sep – MUSE, Kyoto
Sun 21 Sep – Electric Lady Land, Nagoya
Tue 23 Sep – AZ, Kanazawa
Wed 24 Sep – GOLDEN PIGS RED STAGE, Niigata
Sat 27 Sep – LIGHT HOUSE, Mito
Sun 28 Sep – HEAVEN’S ROCK VJ-2, Utsunomiya
Mon 29 Sep – MACANA, Sendai
Sat 04 Oct – KRAPS HALL, Sapporo

TOUR FINAL 「Conctruct a World」
Sun 26 Oct – AiiA Theater Tokyo

Jupiter - TOUR -2014- "ARCADIA" (spot)


Band: Jupiter
Formed: 2013
Background: All members except Zin are ex-members of Versailles


Vocal: Zin (Jupiter) Guitar: Hizaki (Jupiter) Guitar: Teru (Jupiter) Bass: Masashi (Jupiter) Drums: Yuki (Jupiter)

Jupiter Official Webpage
Jupiter Official Facebook

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Jupiter Blog Versailles Blog Twitter Bloodtype Birthday
Zin Zin Zin: B Zin: Sep 1st
Hizaki Hizaki Hizaki: AB Hizaki: Feb 17th
Teru Teru Teru Teru: O Teru: April 10th
Masashi Masashi Masashi Masashi: O Masashi: April 25th
Yuki Yuki Yuki: A Yuki: Feb 18th

DELACROIX will disband

It has been announced that DELACROIX will disband after their upcoming one-man live at Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT on November 23rd.

The members thanks their fans for all support and are very sorry for this announcement that probably came very sudden for a lot of us.



Formed: 2009


Vocal: mitsuki (DELACROIX) Guitar: -saya- (沙耶) (DELACROIX) Bass: -rei- (零) (DELACROIX) Drums: tomo (とも) (DELACROIX)
Vocal: mitsuki Guitar: -saya- (沙耶) Bass: -rei- (零) Drums: tomo (とも)

DELACROIX Official Webpage

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Blog Twitter Bloodtype Birthday
mitsuki mitsuki mitsuki: A mitsuki: June 27th
-saya- -saya- -saya-: O -saya-: April 27th
-rei- -rei- -rei-: O -rei-: May 1st
tomo tomo tomo: O tomo: Nov 23rd