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  • Press releases
  • News about you as an artist
  • News about an artist you work with

I post it if  it’s adequate on this site.
Mail it to darkgehenna (at)  iona . se

Contact concerning Nyanko Scandal Factory:

I work with Nyanko Scandal Factory, an avocation agency that promotes Japanese artists and arrange concerts.
We are always interested in making new contacts within this business. We also look for people with websites/blogs etc. who would like to help us promote our artists.

If you want to contact me concerning Nyanko SF, please mail to: iona (at) nyankosf . com

About me

Name: Iona
Nationality: Swedish
City: Stockholm
Gender: Female
Born: 1980
Astrological sign: Taurus
Chinese sign: Monkey
Profession: Programmer
Non-profit work: Nyanko Scandal Factory
Motto: As long as you don’t harm anyone, do whatever your heart wish.

Me on Facebook: Ioner
Me on Twitter: Ioner
Me on LinkedIn: Ioner

Love to all!


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  1. I have been checking the anime section… it’s hard to recommend something to someone who has seen a lot of anime already but, if you haven’t done it already… why don’t you give a try to SAO – Sword Art Online.
    I liked it (mostly the first half) and it made me thought you would like it too :)


  2. Hi. You have a cool site. Love the hide-chan posts. :)
    I wanted to let you know that the hide grave isn’t closed! In fact, it was never closed, the official site only warns people that it might close should the disturbances continue. So luckily fans can continue to visit!
    I also wanted to ask if you could please credit my hide vs Kyo interview? I know it gets reposted a lot, but I’d really appreciate a link back:

    If you’re curious, I also have a translated version of the hide-city message re: hide’s grave:

    • Hi, and thank you for the information!
      I found the Hide/Kyo interview on another page, but of course I will put a link to you original. Thanks for you translation-work!

      And I’m very glad that the grave still is open for visitors!

  3. I found this blog a few days ago and have been enjoying reading through it. And then I got really excited when I saw that you work on Candy Crush Saga, I’m kind of addicted to that game :). Anyways, I just thought I’d let you know that I enjoy your blog.

    • It makes me glad to hear! Both that you read this blog and that you like Candy Crush Saga. We have been working – and still work – hard on it. ^^ I like to play it myself. :-)

  4. Just found your blog. Loved the pics of Atsushi Sakurai with Yoshiki. First time I saw these series of photos in their entirety. LOVE, LOVE the gorgeous Atsushi Sakurai and Buck Tick. Envy you your trips to Japan. Though I do plan to make a trip to Japan in the very near future to catch Buck Tick in concert. More or less given up the hope they will ever tour North America!

    • How great to meet another person who shares my fascination for Sakurai! :-D I just love Buck-Tick and Sakurai is sooooo handsome. ^^ i hope you’ll get the chance to visit Japan soon and just like you I would love to see Buck-Tick live.

      • Thanks! Am definitely following your blog. Keeping fingers crossed I’ll be able to see Sakurai and Buck Tick Live soon. Even became a Fish Tanker and joined Buck Tick Fish Tank Club! Meanwhile, will just keep dreaming of that rich seductive baritone voice and that so ridiculously good looking front man!

  5. hi iona, while searching for some L’Arc’s latest photo the internet brought me here…saw your blog and i was like “wow!!she’s amazing!!”..hope i can be like you, who can really share all her best for her passion to japanese music and love for the artists..ganbatte iona chan ^_^

  6. Just discovered Koichi of MEJIBRAY . How independent is he from the rest of the band? Very cool romantic goth sound and very different from MEJIBRAY. Thanks for your blog it opens my eyes and ears.

    • I don’t know how indipendent Koichi is, I only know him as a member of Mejibray. :-) Maybe that’s something I should look into. :-)

  7. We have a lot of Magpies in Taos. They have very beautiful blue feathers under their black ones. Black contains all the colors in reflection and white contains all the colors in transmission.

  8. Great blog, you have a great writing style and interesting subject material. With anime, have you seen Vividred Operation? My wife and I just finished watching it and thought it was one of the cutest one’s we’ve ever seen!

  9. Taos is a small town North of Santa Fe in New Mexico. It is traditionally the home of the Taos Pueblo, 1,500 years of inhabitantance by the descendants of the Anasazi People. Spanish arrived in the 1500’s. It became an artist colony in the beginning of the 20th century. Hippies arrived around the time of Easy Rider. I arrived from Oakland/San Francisco in 2004.

  10. I have started a radio show called “Tune In Tokyo-Taos Calling”. It is all J-pop, J-Rock and K-pop. It is 2 hours once a week on Saturday 3-5 mountain time and streams at from Taos New Mexico . I also set up a Facebook page to post the play list and other information and a Youtube channel to play the videos of all the music covered. . The first couple of shows will be a wide overview of what has been going on in Asian contemporary music, then I will focus on specific groups, genres and trends. You have been such a great source of information and I will share your link on my page. I am doing the first show today. I may eventual set up a blog on wordpress when I have time to figure it out but for now Facebook works for what I need. I hope you will friend my page on Facebook.

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