Music tip: 乖離 with Doukoku

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From album: 慟哭ノ痕


01. 夢痕(inst)
02. 螺旋華
03. 乖離
04. 精神少女
05. 深淵
06. 依存


Band: Doukoku
Formed: 2011


Ryusuke (Dokoku) Fumiya (Doukoku)
Vocal: Ryusuke Guitar: Fumiya

Doukoku Official Webpage
Doukoku on Facebook
Doukoku Youtube

Other posts about Doukoku on my blog

Blog Twitter Facebook Bloodtype Birthday
Ryusuke Ryusuke Ryusuke Ryusuke: AB Ryusuke: May 10th
Fumiya Fumiya Fumiya: A Fumiya: Jan 11th

Doukoku is one of Nyanko Scandal Factory’s Focus Artists:
Nyanko Scandal Factory | Focus Artist: Doukoku

Nyanko Scandal Factory

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