I just got my ticket to Sukekiyo! Have you got yours?

Kyo’s (vocalist of Dir En Grey) side project sukekiyo including band members from ex-RENTRER EN SOI, 9GOATS BLACK OUT and kannivalism will visit Europe for a tour.

The tickets are on sale from today: Twisted-Talent!
I bought my Finnish ticket at Tiketti!

9/13/2014 – Moscow(Russia) – P!PL CLUB 19:00/20:00
9/15/2014 – Helsinki(Finland) – Nosturi 18:00/19:30
9/17/2014 – Paris(France) – Divan du Monde 19:00/20:00
9/18/2014 – London(UK) – O2 Academy Islington 19:00/20:00
9/20/2014 – Berlin(Germany) – C-Club 19:00/20:00
9/21/2014 – Bochum(Germany) – Zeche Bochum 19:00/20:00

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