AKB48 members got stabbed at handshake event

AKB48 is an extremely popular all-girl idol group in Japan and it’s very common that they arrange hand shake events with their fans.

The other day there was a crime acted though. A 24-year old man managed to get himself to the handshake event at Iwate Industrial Culture Center, Takizawa, and attacked two of the girls (Kawaei Rina and Anna Iriyama) and a male staff. The victims were immediately taken to the hospital.

It has been confirmed that Anna Iriyama has suffered head injuries and broken her pinkie. Kawaei Rina and the AKB48 staff member were both stabbed in the hands.

None of the injuries are life threatening though, thank goddess.




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2 thoughts on “AKB48 members got stabbed at handshake event

  1. Reblogged this on Fan Actuel and commented:
    Un jeune homme de 24 ans a tenté de poignarder des membres du groupe japonais AKB48 lors d’une session de serrage de mains (un peu l’équivalent d’une séance d’autographes). L’une est blessée à la tête et à la main, une autre et un membre du staff ont été blessées aux mains.

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